30+ Recipes To Try This Fall


Oh, Fall…  How I’ve missed you so.  I’ve missed your cool breezes blowing through my hair.  I’ve missed your countless craft shows and festivals.  I’ve missed your blanket scarfs and leggings.  And more than anything, I’ve missed your delicious, plentiful, stick-to-your-ribs kind of food.  My taste buds have been yearning for all things pumpkin, and my stomach is literally growling at the thought of a hearty bowl of soup.  So regardless of what that thermometer on my back porch may say, I’m busting out my crock pot and kicking off fall right here in my kitchen.  Care to join me?  Because I’ve rounded up every last fall recipe that I could find — and I’m ready to start digging in!

Breakfast & Lunch


{Mostly} Healthy Breakfast Muffins :: The kids think they are eating a chocolate chip muffin, but you know you’re really feeding them zucchini and carrots.  #MomWin

Cinnamon Raisin Bread :: Smell that?  It’s the smell of childhood and lazy fall weekends pouring from the kitchen . . .


School Lunch Ideas {That Don’t Involve a PB&J Sandwich} :: School has been in session for a few weeks now, and if you’re like every other lunch packing mom in the country – you’re starting to need more ideas.  Well, here ya go, mama!

Easy Applesauce Recipe :: Instead of throwing those pre-made applesauce pouches in your kiddo’s lunch, try making your own this fall.

My taste buds have been yearning for all things pumpkin, and my stomach is literally growling at the thought of a hearty bowl of soup. So regardless of what that thermometer on my back porch may say, I’m busting out my crock pot and kicking off fall right here in my kitchen.

Dinner, Desserts & Drinks


5 Slow Cooker Recipes to Welcome Fall :: Well, hello there fall.  Sit right down and enjoy this lovely plate of pot roast with me.

Simple & Delicious Ways to Cook Winter Squash :: FYI – Fall is prime squash season!  {And you will see A LOT of squash related recipes below!}  So for all of you squash cooking novices, this is a great place to start.

Top 10 Meals for Back to School :: Fast, easy, and healthy?  Yes, please!  And ya’ll…  there are TEN recipes in this post – that’s two school weeks’ worth!!!

Mama’s Cajun Corn Soup :: Come. To. Mama.

8 Can Taco Soup :: I’ve seen so many variations to this recipe, but here’s a great starting point!  {Note :: I sub the canned chicken with a pound of browned ground beef.  So I guess it’s 7 cans then?  Either way – super yummy!}

Hungarian Lentil Soup :: I’m not sure about you, but when the temps start to drop {even just a little bit!} – I immediately pull out every soup recipe I’ve ever stumbled across.  Including this one.

Sweet + Sassy Chili :: Even the name sounds amazing, amiright?!

Quick Quiche Ideas From a French Mama :: How many different ways can you prepare a warm fall quiche?  Let me count the ways . . .

Super Easy Spaghetti Squash & Meat Sauce :: Did someone say “super easy???”  And if you have picky kiddos like mine, you could always boil up some noodles for their meat sauce instead.

3 Must-Make Recipes for Cooler Weather :: Black bean soup … Broccoli and cheese soup … Ratatouille … Oh my!

A Comfort Foodie’s Easy Chicken Soup :: How perfect would this be when those cold and flu germs inevitably start making their rounds?

15 Recipes to Make When It’s Cold{ish} :: My fellow Southerners will relate to this.  The struggle is real, ya’ll!

The Perfect Steak :: During those chilly fall evenings, I love a good steak that will stick to my ribs.  And this recipe gets it perfectly done every time.

Roasted Fall Vegetable Medley :: Need a side for those steaks?  Here ya go!

Butternut Squash & Italian Sausage Soup :: Because adding sausage instantly turns a side dish into the star of the show.

Cast Iron Skillet Recipes :: If you’re not already a cast iron skillet lover, then fall is your chance!  We’ve exclusively been using ours for the past few years … and we are never turning back!!

“Almost” Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup AND Spaghetti Squash Enchilada Bake :: This post is a two for one deal, and both recipes are delish.  Score!

6 Delicious Fall Recipes :: Spoiler alert…  The rosemary roasted sweet potatoes are divine!!!

Fall Soup Recipes :: Another fall day, another yummy soup . . .

Delicious Baked Mac and Cheese :: The ULTIMATE fall comfort food.  Period.

5 Healthy, Family-Friendly Recipes :: And in case the above aren’t quite enough, here’s five more recipes for you.

Fall Comfort Food Favorites :: …and just a few more tried and true favorites to last you all fall long.


Pumpkin Pie :: If you don’t absolutely love a good pumpkin pie in the fall, then I’m not sure we can even be friends.

Football Cookie Tutorial :: For post-game snacks, Monday Night Football, tailgating, a random Wednesday . . .


Peppermint Hot Chocolate :: Erhmahgerd.  Just do yourself a favor and add these ingredients to your next grocery list.  Got it?

Thanksgiving Cocktails :: When you’re planning the turkey … and dressing … and pies … be sure to add a few of these libations on your meal plan too!


Game Day Recipes :: I took that cheddar bacon ranch pull-apart bread to the last football party I went to, and needless to say, I didn’t take home ANY leftovers.  So, so good!

Simple Tailgate Recipes :: For me, fall screams football — and I love that these yummy ideas can be prepped ahead for tailgating at the big game.  Or made the day of and eaten from the comfort of your own couch!

Easy Halloween Lunch Ideas :: That mummy dog?!?!  Super cute … and shockingly easy!

Pumpkin Recipe Round-Up :: From pumpkin spice creamer {hello!} to pumpkin dip {OMYum} to a classic pumpkin bread, this round-up will leave you instantly in the mood for all things fall.  Guaranteed.

The Power of Pumpkin :: Even MORE pumpkin recipes – including pumpkin chili, pumpkin pasta, and a pumpkin pie smoothie.  Say what?!

10 of the Best Apple Recipes for Autumn :: You know, for when you get burnt out on all things pumpkin.

Thanksgiving Recipe Swaps {…to save calories & guilt!} :: Ya’ll…  That homemade cranberry sauce looks NOTHING like the junk that typically comes out of a can.  Promise me you’ll at least make that swap this year, m’kay?

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes :: You know all of those leftovers from Thanksgiving?  {See above.}  Here’s a few ideas for how to put them to some very good use!

Hungry now? Me too! Bring on the seasonal squashes, slow cooked soups, and stretchy pants!!!

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