8 Unique Birthday Party Ideas from Toddler to Tween


Birthday parties seem to be taking on a whole new meaning these days! 

Between Pinterest and Etsy you could spend the entire year planning one child’s birthday party.  Here’s a look at how to be creative and choose a unique birthday party plan for your special birthday boy or girl. 

#1 :: Pizza! Pizza!

Okay, so a pizza party isn’t exactly unique, you’ve likely been to a trillion on these.  But find out if a local pizza parlor in your area will allow your kids to create their own pizza masterpiece at the party!  This is a winner for the hands-on or kitchen helper kiddo in your life.  Our local California Pizza Kitchen allows birthday parties before their open time on weekends and even gives the children a tour of the kitchen after tossing their dough.  

#2 :: Workin’ at the Car Wash

How many toddlers do you know that are car and truck obsessed?  I’ve got one at my house right now!  This super unique idea came from a Dallas Moms Blog contributor whose son attended a birthday party at their local car wash, who hosted the birthday party, and BINGO it was a huge hit!  Contact your local car wash and see if you can pull off this masterful idea. 

#3 :: Treasure Hunt

I’m taking this idea from my own childhood experience.  My mother planned a few treasure hunt birthday parties that are still very memorable for me.  We split into teams and had our moms drive us around town picking up clues and completing fun tasks.  This is perfect for the school aged or tween in your family whose too old for the over used birthday party spots on your usual list. 

#4 :: Construction Zone

Have your husband bring in a giant pile of DIRT!  Yes, you read that correctly – dirt.  Have a massive mound of fresh dirt in your backyard, pull out all the dump trucks and scoops you own, and let the little ones get to work.  This messy, fun birthday party idea will have the kids busy and entertained during the party and Pinterest is full of ideas for construction themed foods and decorations. 

#5 :: Fire Department

Our local fire department allows children five years and older to host birthday parties at the firehouse.  How’s that for fun and unique!  We are counting down the days until birthday number five, so we can experience this.  I think we often assume places like this are off limits for birthday parties, but don’t be afraid to check in with your local firehouses to see what they offer. 

#6 :: Princess Party

This idea is growing in popularity, so you may have been invited to a party with a real life princess or super hero.  In our area, there’s two companies that allow you to rent the service of a real-life princess like Frozen’s Elsa or Anna for your child’s special day.  Summer birthdays, host a luau and have a real-life Moana to teach everyone some surf moves! 

#7 :: Mad Scientist

Check with your local children’s science museum for information about a science themed birthday party!  Often, they have staff on site to help run experiments for the little scientist in your life.  Or feeling brave?  Host your own scientist party and allow children to complete a simple experiment of their own.  This is one party children are sure to be talking about long after it’s over! 

#8 :: Off to the Races

Send out invites that encourage your party goers to create their own small derby cars for your child’s birthday party!  Check out each child’s unique creation and then race to the finish line during the party.  Or have a wood, derby car set at the party for each child to create during the festivities.  We recently attended a toddler birthday party with a matchbox race track and it was a big hit with kids of all ages. 

What's your favorite birthday party theme?

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