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In partnership with Skybrary.

For those of you who grew up ​mesmerized by​ PBS’s Reading Rainbow with LeVar Burton, yo​u’​ll love exploring the world that Skybrary offer​s​ your children. ​

Right now, t​he Reading Rainbow song ​is ​stuck in your head​,​ ​isn’t it​?​!​

Just as Reading Rainbow opened new worlds to kids, ​Skybrary ​serves as​ a wonderful resource to ​access​ year-round​:​ ​it can​ help with the summer slide or ​it may be ​used throughout the school year to supplement learning.

How We Use Skybrary For Supplemental Learning

My 7​-​year​-​old daughter enjoys navigating ​Skybrary’s​ ​various​ worlds​,​ discovering books she wants to add to her virtual backpack. ​Somewhat​ like​ checking books out from the library, she can select up to 5 books at a time to add to her backpack and read. W​hen w​e started using​ ​it​ when she was 4,​ I loved that the app could read her the story ​while​ she follow​ed​ the ​printed​ words. Now she reads the books herself, but my 3-year-old son has begun to enjoy listening to ​the app read ​a​ book​ a​loud to ​him​.

Of course​ Skybrary​ doesn’t ​replace​ the time my husband and I spend reading with ​our children​, but it’s another valuable resource to ​use​ for supplemental learning​ and enjoyment, ​​while ​it creates a ​whole new curated virtual library. If your ​kids​ are like mine, they love to spend time on the iPad​, so​ having them play ​instead ​with the Skybrary app makes me feel better about ​what ​they’re doing with at least some of their designated screen time. ​​

In addition to the ​Skybrary ​books that my children love watching and learning​ from​​, a row of videos appears under the row of books​–​so the experience truly is reminiscent of the​ old​ Reading Rainbow ​TV ​show​ that we all loved growing up​!

While driving literacy and motivating kids to read will always be part of my mission, I want to do more to help prepare them for the world. I want to give kids more opportunities to learn about and connect with the world around them. I believe that it is through knowledge and understanding that our children will become smarter, more compassionate world citizens—ultimately leading to more unity and peace.” -LeVar Burton

How We Use Skybrary To Prevent Summer Slide

It’s a well-known problem: Kids lose learning over the summer.

Teachers actually call it the “summer slide”, and it happens every single year. On average, elementary school-age children, lose about two months’ worth of math skills and one month’s worth of reading and spelling over Summer break.

This is where I use Skybrary to help prevent summer slide in my kids! And you, as well as your kids, will be surprised by how easy and fun it can be! Just 10 minutes a day can have a huge impact and help keep my kids from losing ground come the school year.

The experts at LeVar Burton Kids have gathered their top 7 ideas for keeping your kids thinking, engaged and learning all summer long to share with you! Simply click here for 7 fantastic and fun ways you and your kids can defeat summer slide. Best of all, this report is absolutely free.


Show your children the amazing world of reading through Skybrary and help supplement their school year learning and prevent summer slide!

Learn More About Skybrary

Skybrary® engages young readers and fosters a lifelong love of learning.

By infusing digital books with purposeful interactivity, engaging narration by master storytellers, and paired with videos hosted by LeVar Burton, Skybrary helps children find relevance and understand context in their reading.

For children, Skybrary is an immersive world of reading discovery, where they can pilot their own personal hot air balloons through 7 magical islands, each home to hundreds of quality books and videos that celebrate diversity, family, and the world around us. Young readers are free to explore the topics they love most as well as discover new areas of interest.

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