Step-Up Your Swim Style With Accessories


You’ve got the perfect swim suit for summer, but what do you pair it with? With summer here, we will be at the pool constantly either at a friends bbq, while on vacation or in our own backyard! Wearing just my swim suit isn’t always going to work, since I don’t always get in the pool. I still want to have the option to get in and look cute while hanging out with friends. I’ve created this easy swim style guide so you can step up your swim suit style.

Cover That Pretty Face!

I am a huge fan of hats at the pool or beach. Not only does it help me not have to do my hair but it provides shade for my skin. I don’t need additional sun spots, right! There are so many options to choose from. I go back and forth between the big floppy hat and a cute visor. I wear the visor mostly when I’m in the pool with the kids and the hat when I’m poolside chatting or using a few stolen minutes to read a magazine.

Cover That Cute Suit or Don’t!

A good cover-up is essential! There are so many different types to choose from. I have several go-to depending on what I am doing and what suit I’m wearing. If I want to show off the cute suit I’m wearing I will pair it with a kimono and a pair of cut off shorts. If I’m wearing a bikini I pair it with a maxi or sundress. If I am spending the day at the beach or water park, I opt for a traditional coverup that is light weight and dries fast.

Step-Up Your Swim Style With Cute Sandals

I love adding a fun shoe to my swim style. I go between a fun wedge and a bright flat sandal. If I’m headed to a backyard bbq go with a wedge, If I’m completely poolside, go with the practical cute sandal that you don’t mind getting wet. Here are some options that I love:

Carry Your Essentials In Style

As moms, we have to think of everything to bring. I run through all the scenarios that can happen in my head and then pack a bag accordingly. I like to bring a big beach bag to hold everything for the family. Bags are another way you can work that swim style. I picked one that goes with a few of my swim suits, so it can take me through the whole summer and our vacation. I picked this black and white one with a pop of pink. Here are a few other’s that I considered:

Coordinate It...

If your suit has bright colors pull some of those colors to build your accessories with. My suit here is black so I stuck to a black and white theme. But if your suit has a bunch of different colors pick one of them and a neutral to build your accessories with. 

If you have any swim style questions, shoot me an email [email protected] I’d love to help you and get you swim style you love!

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