Kids’ eyes can change quickly.

Each year, our son goes to the ophthalmologist. Each year, his prescription changes. Significantly. And each year, I ask how much it would cost to buy a second pair of glasses for our son.

A backup.

He’s a kid, afterall. I want him to be playing, adventuring and having fun – not worrying about breaking his glasses. But those glasses? They are expensive. And insurance only covers part of one pair. After that, we’re on our own.

Year after year, we decide against shelling out hundreds of dollars for a second pair. We roll the dice, hope the original pair makes it through the year and try not to act like lunatics when our son accidentally drops his glasses while cleaning them.

Once, we used duct tape to hobble through a few weeks. Don’t judge.


A Better Way to Kids Glasses

A family-owned company has made it their mission to bring affordable eyewear to every family that needs it. We’re not talking slightly less expensive here, folks.

Did you ever think you could buy a pair of glasses out of pocket for less than what you spend on a fast-food dinner for the family? Now, you can. offers genuine value.

Their kids’ line is simply perfect for a second pair of glasses for school or home.

kids glasses

Lots of Colors, Lots of Styles

They carry a full line of kids’ prescription glasses in a dizzying array of colors and styles.

Many styles have flexible hinges and convert from glasses to a flexible head strap for added security. Does your child spend time on screens? Blue-light-blocking lens options protect your child’s eyes from blue light.

Other options include removable ear hooks, extra air vents, extra side protection and even magnetic straps. In other words, you can inexpensively set your child up for success this year.

If you have children in sports, they also offer a huge variety of affordable prescription swim goggles, sunglasses and sports glasses.

Simple & Easy

Ordering is simple. Just email your glasses prescription to [email protected] and they’ll walk you through the process. Or follow the steps here to enter the prescription yourself. There’s even a short how-to video!

They also offer a rewards program and guess what? Those points (called “winkz”) and discounts add up quickly, allowing you to save $40, $80 or even $130 on your next order.

Give a peek. Make your life less stressful – quit worrying that your child will lose or break their glasses. A second pair provides endless peace of mind. No duct tape required. Use code CMCBack2School to receive 10% off orders of $95+ through September 10th.

This post is sponsored by Goggles N More. All thoughts and opinions are my own.