Does your child wear glasses and play sports?

Often, the two don’t mix.

Glasses aren’t terribly helpful in a pool, right? But not wearing glasses puts them at a blurry disadvantage. And swimming is far from the only sport that’s less-than-compatible with glasses.

Football. Basketball. Soccer. Baseball. Gymnastics. Wrestling. Skiing.

Fortunately, we’re in the 21st century and there’s an easy solution: sports goggles. (And psssstttt… they don’t have to break the bank!)

Why Sports Goggles?

Each year, we dutifully take our children to the optometrist or ophthalmologist and each year, we spend hard-earned money on glasses for school and everyday life. Typically, those glasses aren’t made for sports. They’re fragile – prone to falling and breaking.

I have a son who has a pretty serious prescription (like me) and every year, I worry that he’ll drop his glasses. Or lose them. Or that someone else in his various extracurricular activities (think martial arts) will kick them into useless bits.

Why risk it?

Sports goggles are created specifically for the rough-and-tumble world of sports and other adventures. They’re tough, flexible and stay put. But a lot of eye clinics don’t even have options for prescription sports goggles and glasses – let alone affordable ones.


This amazing, family-owned company has your back. The owners (regular swimmers) saw a need for affordable prescription swim goggles and decided to tackle the situation, themselves.

These days, they sell prescription swim goggles and they also offer prescription eyewear for many other sports – SCUBA diving, snowboarding, lacrosse, racquetball… the list goes on. You can search here by sport to see what’s available. (Hint: nearly everything.) And you can see prices. (Hint: they’re much less expensive than I thought they’d be.)’s team of experienced optometrists, technicians and other professionals work hard to bring quality prescription swimming goggles, sports glasses, sports sunglasses, diving masks, ski goggles, bluelight filtering computer glasses and other innovative eyewear solutions to the masses – at the best prices. Your child doesn’t have to be a swim team standout or a ski racer to benefit from being able to see clearly when they’re enjoying doing the things they love.

This company is rated among the top 20 sunglasses stores (based on Trustscore) by Trustpilot, a Google-trusted customer reviews partner. And they take that honor seriously. They want every customer to be happy.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a parent whose child wears glasses. I suspect that means you might also wear glasses? If so, offers hundreds of options for adults, too!

swim goggles

Two Excellent Options

How does it work?

There are two options: pre-made goggles or sports glasses closest to your child’s prescription. Or… made-to-prescription sports eyewear. They offer a full line of each.

In Water

Custom-made swim goggle lenses provide short/near sight, long/far sight, and even astigmatism and prism corrections. These lenses are UV400 rated, which offer 100 percent protection against UVA and UVB. Clear lenses are perfect for indoor pool use.  Color lenses reduce glare just like sunglasses and are ideal for outdoor use. And transition lenses change from clear indoor to grey tint outdoor. Are you kidding me? Just fantastic!

The pre-made goggles come with similar options.

On Land

Is your family more land-based? carries a wide range of sports glasses in various colors, styles, brands and fits, many of which offer a convenient glasses-to-goggles kit. Optional tinted, polarized and transitions lenses are available with 100 percent UV protection. Mirror coatings look cool and they further decrease the amount of light coming through the lenses.

More Info

Interested? Check out their website. They even have a loyalty program and, unlike some, it doesn’t take long to earn rewards.

Your kids will thank you for the cool specs or goggles. And your wallet will thank you, too.

This post is sponsored by Goggles N More. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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