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Sister Site :: Auburn-Opelika Moms Blog | Years In Network :: 1 | Owner ::  Kathryn McGraw

Auburn Coffee Strolls

If you are familiar with City Mom Collective, you know that one of the things that sets us apart is the fact that we are not only an ONLINE presence for moms across the country, but we also host super fun family and mom-only events in our respective communities.

And what’s better than a fun event, you might ask? A SERIES of fun events! Our friends at Auburn-Opelika Moms Blog have been hosting weekly “Coffee Strolls” for moms in their community, and we are LOVING this idea.  Every Monday morning, they meet up at a local coffee shop and go for a stroll around downtown Auburn…doesn’t that sound amazing??

A Word With The Sister Site Owner

We asked site owner Kathryn how the Coffee Strolls came about, and what she loves about them. Here’s what she had to say:

The Coffee Stroll started when we were trying to decide on a weekly gathering that we could host that would interest moms with kids of all ages and wouldn’t cost much money. A local coffee shop offered to host us and provide a discount for our group each week. When the strolls began in the summer, we had kids of all ages coming with their moms. Our older kids lead our parade and choose our route each week. Now that school is back in session, our coffee stroll is mainly attended by moms with younger kids. Most kids ride in strollers, but some ride their trikes and some enjoy just having us walk together at their pace. Since we are right by Auburn University, the students on campus have gotten to know our crew too. For Halloween, we even dressed up the kids as a biker baby gang and they handed out candy to the college students. We can’t wait to hand out candy canes for Christmas too! 


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