Jennifer Samuels

Jennifer Samuels
Jennifer is the Sales and Marketing Manager for City Mom Collective. She resides in Ames, Iowa with her husband Todd and children; Tate (11) and Tenley (9).

Play Tips for Baby’s First Year

At City Mom Collective, we are dedicating a week to empowering and supporting new and expecting moms. Even though we have always been doing that for the past 10 years, this week, we are...

Infertility Support:: Just Add Sprinkles Episode 99

In this episode, Steph and Michelle discuss support for families going through infertility. Guests Amy Klein, the author of The Trying Game, and Green Bay Area Moms contributor Jolene Chevalier join to share advice for those struggling with infertility.

How to Prep Your Kids for College:: Just Add Sprinkles | Episode 98

In this episode, Steph and Michelle discuss how you can help prepare your kids for college and adulthood.

Sister Site Spotlight:: Lubbock Moms

City Mom Collective is proud of the work our Sister Sites are doing to connect moms in their communities nationwide. Sister Site :: Lubbock Moms Years In Network :: 4 Owner :: Chelsea Anders Lubbock Moms has grown to...

Helping Kids Manage Anxiety:: Just Add Sprinkles Episode 97

Are you parenting a child with anxiety? Join City Mom Collective CEO, Stephanie Flies and guest expert Sissy Goff, M.Ed., LPC-MHSP, Counselor, Speaker, and Author for this conversation where they discuss the topic of anxiety and kids and offer practical tools for moms.

Meet Our New Sister Site:: Charlotte Mom

We are so thrilled to announce the addition of Charlotte Mom to our sisterhood!  Charlotte Mom is an online parenting resource and community for Charlotte area families with a mission to connect local moms to resources,...

Reading Must-Haves for the Book Lover

These are some of our favorite book essentials and reading accessories every book lover (or soon to be book lover) needs. They’re mostly fun accessories, but some are must-haves we are sure you’ll love. Book...
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Educating Kids About Black History:: Just Add Sprinkles Episode 95

In this episode, Michelle has a conversation with Nicole Cottrell, curator of, to discuss the importance of educating our kids about Black History. 
Just Add Sprinkles Podcast

Sex After Kids -with Guest Expert Dr. Erin Ross :: Just Add Sprinkles Episode...

In this episode, Steph and Michelle discuss a "HOT" topic of many moms ...Sex After Kids.  We hear from Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Erin Ross, with tips for improving your sex life.
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Just Add Sprinkles | The Stories: Pregnancy with Hyperemesis Gravidarum

In this premiere episode of The Stories, host Maria Hoey chats with guest Meg Sexton about their struggles with hyperemesis gravidarum during pregnancy.