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tricia-brownBy Tricia Brown

Tricia is a mom, a wife, and a financial professional with over a decade of experience in personal and community development finance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s in Business Administration, is a Certified Economic Development Finance Professional, and is licensed to sell insurance in over 20 states.


WingingIt_FeaturedImageI have always been pretty good at “winging it” and adjusting with life as it changes.

I have also been good at delaying financial decisions until the last possible minute because, let’s face it, there are about a million other things to do.

A lot changed when I got married – my financial decisions started to impact someone else. Things changed even more when I became a mother—there is now a little girl who can’t “wing it” and is completely dependent upon my husband and I and what we are able to provide. With those changes, I no longer felt comfortable taking my chances. I finally started to feel like I needed to have a plan in place.

A while ago, brightpeak put together a video sharing why it exists.

I found it compelling because I learned that there are a lot of people like me—people who are not fully prepared to deal with the things that do or may happen in life (like retirement or a short-term loss of income).

It also got me thinking about my feelings related to responsibility for my family. The decision about what to do for your family, financially, is a personal one. You can look at all the stats in the world (and the video provides some very interesting ones), and while they are very helpful for being an informed decision-maker, in the end they don’t matter as much as what you are personally comfortable with.

The things that I personally want to do for my family may well take a lifetime to complete.

However, there are quite a few things I could do and be done with – like getting some basic insurance and ensuring that I have automatic contributions set up for emergency savings and retirement that takes the money out of my hands before I even know I have it.

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Tricia is passionate about planning for the future and meeting life’s challenges head on. Please remember that post contains Tricia’s opinions doesn’t necessarily speak for brightpeak financial. The legal department’s teleprompter says we also have to tell you that this post is only meant to motivate you to take a look at your finances and decide on a strategy that works for your situation.

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