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Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat Review - City Moms Blog Network

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I’m a Type-A mom.  Scheduled, organized, and efficient.  And I’m super ok with that.

Of the three qualities above, efficiency reigns supreme.  I get downright giddy when I find a quicker way to do something that produces great results…or even better results than before.

My kids are 2 and 9 months. I’ve had to let go of a lot of my efficiency hopes and dreams and just kind of hang on for dear life to simply wrangle myself through my days with my two little people.  Still, I find myself thinking through my errand list. “If I go here first and get that freebie cookie, I can make it through to that errand, and if I don’t I’ll do that last because it’s not as important.”  Anybody else?

There is one thing, though, that has prohibited me from finding any sort of efficient route. One area of childhood necessity that I have simply succumbed to and just given in and decided…”this will surely take me all afternoon.”  The car seat.  I just know that I can read all the manuals, watch all the Youtubes and still end up a sweaty, crying disaster simply trying to correctly and safely install my child’s car seat.

Until now.

Britax To The Rescue

I was recently introduced to the Britax Advocate ClickTight car seat and their new Anti-Rebound Bar.   Let me tell you about the easiest car seat you will ever install.

What makes this car seat truly exceptional is that instead of using the Latch hooks for installation, it simply uses the seat belt strap. No digging and climbing and pushing and reaching.  Simply use the seat belt strap and buckle to safely and securely install your new car seat in about oh, 30 seconds.  It’s truly remarkable that one simply lifts up the entire front part of the car seat, guides the seat belt through and clicks to close and secure.  It’s that simple.  Easy peasy.  Efficient!

On a recent afternoon, my husband and I installed this seat together.  Now, every other car seat installation has become a battle royale for us.  As tensions mount over uncertainty of installation, we start to bicker and nitpick one another.  Inevitably, we break into wild gesturing and pouting (me).  I’m happy to report that after reading the manual and 30 seconds of installation later, we were high–fiving like total parenting champs.  We might go as far as to say the Britax Advocate ClickTight car seat strengthened our marriage.

…but most importantly I can be confident that my child is being safely transported in our vehicle.

A Dream Come True

The Click Tight system is so simple and leaves me with a tremendous peace of mind, as I know it is installed properly.  It is a sobering fact that motor vehicle accidents are the leading death among children…and yet 73% of all car seats are installed incorrectly. Eliminate the guessing game altogether and keep your child safe with Britax Click Tight technology.

In addition to the Click Tight system, the Britax Advocate Click Tight car seat also features the Anti-Rebound Bar (this accessory can be purchased separately).  The Anti-Rebound Bar can be used while a child is still rear facing.  It blocks any further movement on impact, stabilizing the car seat in front, rear and side collisions.

This seat is a dream come true for this mom.  Not only is it a breeze to install, but most importantly I can be confident that my child is being safely transported in our vehicle.

Britaz Advocate ClickTight Car Seat - City Moms Blog Network

For more information on keeping your children safe in your car, visit Britax or safekids.org.

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