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No More Hand-Me-Downs With The Britax B-Ready Stroller

Third child gets all the hand-me-downs, right? Baby girl’s crib currently has all the teeth marks from when her brother used it. Her future big-girl car-seat currently has a Mickey Mouse pin lodged into the cup holder and will not budge. Our current stroller was over 4 years old, which is ancient in baby-product terms. So when I was given the chance to give little girlfriend her very own never-used, straight out of the box, beautiful stroller (the Britax B-Ready), I jumped at the chance. Having used at least 4 strollers over the last 6 years, I know that they are not all created equal and I was excited to see what kind of improvements and upgrades have been made since I was last in the market for a stroller.

Features Of The Britax B-Ready Stroller

The locking system is the best I’ve seen.

The brakes on other strollers have always been a little confusing. Does the lever up means it’s locked? Or is it down? Do I need to wait for a click? Give it a push…yep, it’s locked. Oh wait, I have to lock the other wheel now? With the Britax B-Ready stroller, you simply click the lever on the bottom right with your foot, and it’s either red (locked) or green (ready to go). No guessing, no double-unlocking. One click and done.

Super easy to put together.

So easy my 4-year old son did most of it for me. I read the instructions, told him which pieces to grab, and he pretty much built it. He loves that he had a part in putting it together for his baby sister, and I love that now he knows how to put the seat in and fold it up for me so he can be mommy’s helper on our errand-running days.

The seat adjuster is easy to find.

In fact, it’s right there at the top, with Britax written on it. All you need to do is lift up the flap and you can adjust the seat to one of the four preset positions. With previous strollers we’ve used, the lever is either hidden or it requires two hands to adjust the seat…not at all easy with a baby in your arm and a diaper bag about to fall off your shoulder. With the B-Ready stroller, you know exactly where everything is, and it’s all readily accessible and easy to use.

The storage basket can carry all of that, and a bag of chips.

Who else loves to use their stroller as a grocery basket, while baby sleeps, or while your toddler has a little snack? The B-Ready basket has more than enough room to hold your diaper bag, snacks for the toddler, and items for a small grocery run.

The canopy actually protects your little one.

The way I see it, if I have the canopy fully pulled down and I can still see my child’s face, then that means the sun can reach their face, too. The B-Ready canopy pulls down far enough that I actually have to bend over and look up into her seat to see my baby’s sweet face. Or I can pull back the canopy flap to see her from up above and make sure she’s ok. (You can also visit, and other online retailers that sell the B-Ready stroller to purchase a rain canopy.)

A variety of extras are readily available to add to your stroller.

Again, you can shop many of your favorite retailers and quickly have a second seat, a bassinet, a child tray, a seat adapter, stroller board, stroller organizer, boot cover…the add-on list is long and thankfully, it’s readily available and easy to order!

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  1. This is awesome and I never thought I’d need this ESP after just turning 44,but God blessed me with a new baby for my bday and I have a just turned 3yr old. Help!! I can really use this stroller!!!