Budgeting for Moms :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 40


When you sit down and try to manage your finances, you have to be doing it for a reason. So there is a purpose, there is a reason behind wanting to get better with your finances.

Join Stephanie as she interviews Kumiko Love, aka The Budget Mom as they discuss big picture budget tips and finding the “why” in your own financial journey. Miko shares suggestions for staying motivated with personal spending, and how to balance wants and needs while staying on track with your saving goals. 

Does saving and spending make your head spin? Are you overwhelmed with where to begin a personal finance journey? Miko and Steph break it down and discuss some of the fun (yes, fun!) to be found in finances! 

Episode 40 :: Show Notes

Episode 40 :: About Our Guest


The Budget Momis empowering women everywhere to regain control of their financial lives. Launched by Kumiko Love, an Accredited Financial Counselor, The Budget Mom offers tools including The Budget-by-Paycheck WorkbookTM, expert advice, and a supportive network. The Budget Mom blog goes far beyond other financial advice resources, offering lifestyle tips and money-saving strategies in addition to easy-to-follow explanations of financial terms. As Miko shares her own personal financial journey, abstract concepts become real-life action steps. Mom to a spirited little boy and devoted to the growing community she has created, Miko lives in Spokane Valley, Washington. 

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