Raising kids is tough. Raising kids with disabilities is tougher. 

You learn a whole new language. Endless terms and acronyms like IEP. Adaptive. 504. Respite. SSDI. LD. PT. OT. SLT. IDEA. DD.  

Then there’s the research, the endless appointments, the unsolicited advice and the worrying. Worrying about your child’s disability, about the medical bills, about whether people will be kind. Sometimes, it’s too much. 

Have you ever felt like cancelling all appointments for a week and just sleeping? Don’t worry. Your secret is safe here. 


Solidarity, Sister

I was 24 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound landed me on hospital bedrest. An unusual placenta placement was keeping our son from getting the nutrients he needed. Doctors and nurses monitored us continuously for 5 weeks until they decided our son was better off in the NICU than in my womb.

He was 1 pound, 11 ounces. 

Fast forward through 13 years of occupational therapy, physical therapy, feeding therapy, speech therapy, extra help in school and countless other appointments. He’s now 85 pounds, a purple belt in karate and preparing for middle school. 

And still… I worry. 

To the rest of you parents, I know you have stories, too. Stories of heartache and exhaustion and resilience.


You Are Not Alone

On those days when you can’t take another step, know that you are not alone. More than 7 million children aged 3-21 in the United States have a disability. That’s about 14 percent of the students in public schools. 

Some disabilities are common such as ADHD or autism. Others are rare. Some are visible. Others aren’t. Whatever your situation, it matters. Your child matters. You matter.

If you need to stop for a breath or a cry or a nap, do. Try asking for help. You are doing great, but you don’t have to do everything yourself. 

Need a little inspiration today? A reminder that there are lots of us out here, walking similar, but different paths? Read on. Below is a collection of stories from moms scattered across City Mom Collective’s vast network.

Do you have a story to tell? A question to ask? A tip for others? Drop it in the comments. Together, we are stronger. 

Tips + Tricks

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Be a Helper

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Moms in the Club

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IEPs + 504s

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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