Painful as it may be that I may not experience precious moments like these with another child, I am compelled to dwell not upon the bitterness of my motherhood passing me by. Rather, in realizing the brevity of motherhood, of life, I cannot help but surrender to the sweetness of each moment and give thanks for having experienced them at all.

A Mothering Mulligan?

Without warning, I felt the overwhelming need for a parenting mulligan - you know, a do-over, a fresh start, a second chance. Suddenly I questioned every single parenting decision that I've ever made. Normal, right?

Our Greatest Gift is Her Smile

In the very first second of meeting my baby girl, my heart dropped. The vision of what my daughter was going to look like wasn’t what I saw. The room became quiet, and everyone stopped.
I'm missing moments in this life that are fleeting, all because I can't say NO to the extras. I can't muster the conviction to say N-O to the things that pull me away from what truly fulfills me and gives me purpose - my children, my husband, my family, my friends.

Why I Kiss You Every Night

One day in the not too distant future, you won't be under my roof. You'll be off making a life of your own, growing into the adult that I know will make me proud and stealing kisses in the night from your own sweet babes.

Just Wait

My own dear mom, who somehow survived parenthood without Google, e-books, Facebook forums, cell phones, or even her own mother, had the best words of wisdom for me when I gave birth to my son.

My Life is a Country Song

They always say that country songs describe life in their lyrics. Well, I’m finding that to be true more and more each and every day.
As I sit here rocking my sweet 2 ½ year old daughter to sleep – it dawns on me that we are only a short time away from the retirement of our beloved rocking chair. My daughter is my...
"Are they having fun? Do they miss me? Why do I spend my precious time to myself thinking about the kids I was trying to get away from?!"

Something Has Got to Give

"We had zero wiggle room. This is not what I always hoped and dreamed for my family! As my grandmother would say, we had a 'come to Jesus' meeting."

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