"In the end - just because we're moms of a similar age doesn't mean we have anything in common. Except this: a fierce love for our kids and a desire to create a wonderful world for our family."
As a teacher, my days were scheduled almost down to the minute. Lesson plans written with objectives, procedures and assessments. Routines were practiced until they were practically second nature. In that world, it worked. It worked for me in...
To the mom who feels invisible, remember you are their mother and you are more valuable and visible than you will ever know.
"Mommy Brain has made me turn into someone I don’t recognize. Mommy Brain has made me wear a shirt backwards without realizing it. No, it doesn’t JUST happen in the movies. This is real life."
Breakfast with a toddler can be trying at times. With these three easy toddler breakfast ideas, make mornings more enjoyable for everyone at your house!
Spoken conversations in the time of texting are sort of old-school now. And, call me traditional, but I think they're important.
Then something happened that dragged me right back out onto the battlefield; only this time I wasn't in the fight. I was merely a spectator, but the pain cut just as deep.

It’s Going Too Fast

"It's going too fast. I can't slow it down and maybe I've already missed the chance to do some of the most important things with him. Things he will need for the rest of his life." The He in this story is my 8 year-old son.
We’ve partnered with Child-Guard to bring our readers the best products in home safety.
It seems society forgets that moms have a brain that includes more than our children. Yes, they occupy quite a bit, but we thrive on being well rounded. I personally love challenging myself outside of parenthood and I think my children are better for it. If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s that I have to be open to learning and growing. And that includes learning about my children and myself.

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Anxiety in Kids :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 84

In this episode, Steph and Michelle connect with Dr. Mitnaul, a double board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist and father of five.