Steph and Michelle are going to talk history, and how to celebrate with, and educate our kids around women's history month.
Join Stephanie and Michelle as they interview Lisa Druxman, founder of Fit4Mom.
In this episode, Steph is diving in and discussing the importance of self care and self awareness.
The Enneagram is who you are at your core, how you view the world and life experiences. Join Stephanie and Michelle as they discuss the Enneagram! Maybe you know all about the nine distinct personality types. Or maybe you...
Join Stephanie and Michelle as they talk about love, relationships and marriage!
Join Stephanie and Michelle as they interview Toronto-based Platinum Konmari certified consultant, Ivanka. As the creator of the Tidy Moose, Ivanka is sharing her knowledge and skills of organizing and how she helps her clients discover what they value in life through...
I think that the concept is, just do something. Whatever you can manage in your schedule, what works for your season of life, it is an evolution. I think if anyone is listening to this podcast, their hope is to grow...
In the words of our founder and your favorite podcast host, "Don't forget to JUST ADD SPRINKLES!" 2018 has been a wonderful year for the City Moms Blog Network family, and one of our favorite parts was talking to so...
"I guarantee your family would rather rub elbows with a happy, peaceful you at a table full of takeout containers, than a frazzled, stressed out you at a five course, Good Housekeeping-worthy meal. So here's to a peace-filled, meaningful, joy-overflowing kind of...
Join Stephanie and Michelle as they interview Minneapolis-based family photographer Nealy, who is sharing all the tips and tricks for reducing the stress and increasing the smiles at your next family photography session.

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Tips for Road Trips :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 53

Join Stephanie and Michelle as they chat about road trip tips for families! Spring Break has arrived and many of us will be hitting the road for travel in the coming months.