It's hard to look down at the huge incision that was made to birth your baby, and know that it's a permanent battle scar. Take heart mama, you are not alone. Treat it like a trophy, and embrace it!
The day after Thanksgiving is a great day to kick off the holiday season! For many, that means waking up at the crack of dawn to fight crowds at the mall to get started on your holiday shopping and score fantastic deals. If braving huge crowds and long lines isn’t your thing, here is a list of some other fun things you could be doing on that day!
My daughter LOVES toys. And clothes. And sparkly things. And Target – you name it, she probably wants it. The problem is that she is only four years old. Part of it is probably my fault and part of it comes from modern-day consumerism being at an all time high – that and Disney Junior commercials!
Maybe it's just because we are in the mommy business, but we often wonder if we are even saying some of our favorite brand partners correctly! Brands we say pretty much every day in passing at City Moms Blog Network, and likely brands that you chat about on the playground or amongst your mom-friends all the time!
Do you feel like you're constantly buying clothes for your family, but rarely yourself? I was never a total fashionista before I became a mom, but I used to care about what I wore. So here are some clothing hacks for both mom and kids to help maximize what little time and money we do still have to devote to our wardrobes.

My Mommy Mantra

We all do it. We have those things that we tell ourselves during certain situations to help us to remain calm or at least not bite the head off of our children or significant others. Over the years, I have slowly shifted from, “You are driving me crazy, why can’t you do anything right” to “Breathe, you’ve got this”.
This season of motherhood can be daunting. The days are long. Patience runs thin. Free time is rare, and the effort to connect with friends is sometimes more energy than what is left in the tank at the end of the day.
Are you in the midst of a life change? Maybe you’re adding a sibling to your family. Or you or your significant other recently had a job change. Or a job loss. Or you’re going through a move. Do you feel like you’re in the midst of mayhem? Like you have no idea how to keep yourself sane, let alone your family, in all of the chaos?
I always used to wonder how people could “not know” if they were pregnant. It seems so obvious. But then it happened to me. I remained in a strange denial for a few weeks before I even took that pregnancy test, even when the symptoms were all pointing in the direction of Baby Land.
In a world where someone's always interjecting their opinions on your parenting, being a mother of a child with learning disabilities can be extra stressful.

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