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I love my Mama because she puts on music, and sings and dances every morning to wake us up, and she is marvelous! – Drake, Age 6

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and to celebrate we did something special for this episode of Just Add Sprinkles. We requested that the kids of City Moms Blog Network chime in and share what they love about their moms! You’ll want to be sure to hear what they had to say – it’s all so sweet!

Just Add Sprinkles is all about celebrating motherhood, so how perfect to hear directly from the kiddos we mother every day. We wish you a lovely Mother’s Day with your family, and hope you enjoy celebrating your own motherhood. 

Episode 37 :: Show Notes

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The City Moms Blog Network National Team is launching a brand new initiative called, “Mom It Forward.” Each Team Member is encouraged to bless a mom in her local community and Mom it Forward! It’s so special to see how a simple gesture can really make a difference.

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