Collectively Curated: Foster Care and Adoption


People become parents in many different ways, and for some this is through foster care and adoption. November is National Adoption month, and City Mom Collective is celebrating the parents creating safe homes for their foster children, and the families who have adopted. Every experience is different, and these CMC moms have eloquently written about their journeys.

Adoption-The Gift of Grace

Foster Care :: A Child’s Need for Attachment Outweighs My Fear of Loss

Why Foster Families Make ALL Of the Difference

How can we be supportive?

I am not a foster or adoptive mom, but I still think it is important to know how to support one. Thankfully, these moms have done just that, giving us the best advice for encouraging and supporting others.

7 Ways to Actively Support & Encourage Foster Parents

What You Say To Foster or Adoptive Families Matters

5 Things Foster Moms Wish You Knew

Adoption: What Not to Say?

5 Adoption Myths from an Adoptive Mom

Is fostering or adoption on your heart?

If you are feeling the call to foster or adopt, these CMC writers offer some information to help you decide if you are ready to begin the process.

Foster Care: Do You Have Room in Your Life for a Foster Child?

Getting Ready to Adopt a Child

Yes, You Can Foster!

Interview with Amy Carney, Scottsdale Mom and Parenting Coach – Could Foster Care Be in Your Future?

The unseen struggles of fostering and adoption

There are parts of fostering and adoption that are not as easily spoken about, and these writers are bringing those struggles to light.

The Part of Adoption I’m Bad At

The Adoption Triad: It’s Complicated

Child Abuse Prevention: These Things Just Shouldn’t Be True


Check out the following resources to learn more about fostering and adoption.

Reading List: Foster Care and Adoption Books for Children

Adoption: One word, many different types of adoption

In addition to our resources at City Mom Collective, Child Welfare Information Gateway lists many resources for foster and adoptive parents.