Collectively Curated: How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Collectively Curated: How to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

As moms, we want to raise children who celebrate diversity. We hope they are curious about and accepting of cultures that may be different from their own. To achieve this goal, it’s helpful to have a time dedicated to learning about and celebrating specific cultures in order to focus these efforts. This fall, take some time to learn about and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with your family.

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15-October 15. This is a time for all Americans, regardless of their race or ethnicity, to reflect and celebrate the contributions, culture, and history of people whose ancestors came from Central and South America, Spain, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

There are many ways moms can educate their children about Hispanic culture. These include trying new foods, reading books, and attending local in-person or virtual events.

City Mom Collective has a wealth of resources from contributors across the country with fantastic ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month. We hope these Collectively Curated posts from our sister sites give you great ideas and inspiration during this special time of year!


Reading is one of the best ways both adults and kids can learn about other cultures. Books are readily available and during a pandemic, a completely safe way to experience life different from our own.

Hispanic Heritage Month: A Book List for Celebrating Culture!

15 Picture Books for Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a Good Read

Hispanic Heritage Month Reading List

Food and Family Time

Preparing and sharing a meal is one of the best ways for families and friends to connect and share stories. Food from Hispanic cultures is delicious, and therefore, trying new foods and recipes is a great way for families to celebrate this month.

Also, during the global pandemic, many families are choosing to stay home instead of gathering in large groups. There are plenty of activities to enjoy this month with just the people in your home.

Five Mexican Foods to try for Hispanic Heritage Month.

Para La Raza:: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month At Home

Learning from Our Neighbors

Our Hispanic friends and neighbors all have a unique perspectives. Listening to their stories and learning how they celebrate and preserve their culture is a wonderful way to celebrate this month.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Let’s Celebrate Our Stories

Hispanic Heritage Month :: Preserving & Celebrating Our Heritage

Embracing my Hispanic Culture: What I’ve learned.

Two Senoritas & One Big Culture: Hispanic Heritage Month

Additional Resources

Looking for more ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? Check out these other resources:

  • Download free posters from the National Council of Hispanic Employment Program to show your support and pride.
  • Queen Oprah has a wealth of resources and articles to immerse yourself in Hispanic Heritage Month, including hands on activities, history lessons, and celebrity news.
  • Especially for the kids, Scholastic has great ideas for both celebrating and learning about the Hispanic culture.
  • Crafts are always a great way to get kids involved in celebrations. Momtastic has 31 ideas for crafts that complement Hispanic Heritage Month.
  • Food is always at the center of celebrations, and Sunset has you covered with 15 unique and delicious recipes to try out this month.

We hope that this collection of posts from our City Moms Collective sister sites as well as our additional resources have given you some practical ideas for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with your own family.

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