Collectively Curated: Love and Marriage


Love is in the air. It is officially the most romantic month of the year, and many of us are reflecting upon our own marriages.

My husband and I are approaching a decade of marriage this summer. The past 10 years have taught me that marriage is not as simple as, “and they lived happily ever.” In fact, I would argue that marriage is complex and takes hard work, particularly after having kids. I have learned that all marriages look different. Not just because of the people in them, but because everyone approaches conflict, communication and romance differently. What might work well for my friends, might not work well for me and my husband.

As easy as it is to compare in a world filled with social media, it’s not helpful or healthy for me to compare my marriage to someone else’s. I have to remind myself that we only see a fraction of someone’s life on the internet. While one person’s marriage might look perfect in an Instagram feed, we don’t know what is happening behind closed doors.

The moms of City Mom Collective want to support each other in our marriages, no matter what they look like.

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The pandemic adds a new layer of stress

While the Covid-19 pandemic might have brought some couples closer, it has also added a layer of stress to many marriages. Whether it be differences in views of the pandemic, job loss, sick family members, or lack of quality time together, the pandemic has created challenges for couples across the country. Some of our City Moms have been brave enough to write about these issues, helping the rest of us feel less alone.

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When intimacy takes a backseat

Whether it’s a stressful time in life — like pandemic parenting — or adding a new baby to the family, emotional and physical intimacy tend to ebb and flow in a marriage. With young kids at home, at times I have felt like my husband and I are two ships passing in the night as we wake up to take care of the kids. It’s tiring, and these moms give us suggestions for getting through the challenging times.

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Date night ideas for busy couples

We know that marriage has it challenges, but there are so many good times too. The quality time that we spend together can help strengthen our relationships — and let’s face it, we all need to have more fun after the past two years. Whether you plan to stay in or go out this Valentine’s Day, these date night ideas are great for any busy couple!

Date Night Every Night: Board Games for Two!

Reconnecting With Date Night at Home


Whether you are newly married or have been married for 20 years, here’s to finding something fun to do this Valentine’s Day!