Collectively Curated: Rediscovering the Love of Books and Reading


Were you a bookworm as a kid? Do you remember the smell of a fresh stack of library books, waiting to be devoured? Did you stay up past your bedtime, sneaking in just one more chapter with the glow of a flashlight under the covers? Were your bedroom bookshelves lined with The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, and Judy Blume’s unforgettable novels?

And what about now? Are you still a reader, or has the busyness of motherhood and adult life gotten in the way of the simple pleasure of getting lost in a book for an afternoon? Would you like to read more, but aren’t sure how to reclaim the love of (and time for) reading that you once had?

City Mom Collective has a wealth of resources to help you achieve your goal of becoming a reader again! We’ve got posts on how to choose books and read more of them, ways to utilize your library, tips on starting a book club, and how to raise kids who love to read.

Read More Books

Reading is one of the best and healthiest ways you can take a break from the grind of motherhood and the stress of adulting. But how do you fit in time to read and discipline yourself to pick up a book instead of scrolling Instagram? And how do you know what books to choose when there are so many available? Check out these tips from some of our Sister Sites.

Bookish Tips to Level Up Your Reading Game This Year

When In Doubt, Read a Book


Why Even the Busiest Moms Should Make Time to Read

How to Fit More Reading into Your Mom Life

Book Clubs

Reading is more fun with friends! Joining a book club (either in person or virtual) is a wonderful way to deepen your love and understanding of a book while at the same time being social with other readers. Still skeptical or curious about the logistics of being a member of a bookclub? Read on for expert advice from moms in our network.

Why I Joined a Book Club

Omaha Mom Bookshelf: Start a Family Book Club

Starting Your Own Book Club

Library Love

Sometimes, we forget about one of the most precious (FREE) resources available in our communities- libraries! Libraries hold a wealth of paper books, but did you know you can also check out digital resources from the comfort of your home- such as e-books and audiobooks? If you want to read more but also save money, become intimately acquainted with your local library.

My Love for the Library

9 Things to Check Out at Your Local Library (And We Don’t Mean Books)

Discover the Power of Your Library Card

Library Love:: Why We Still Need Libraries in Modern Times

Raising Readers

We all want our kids to love reading as much as we did, and hopefully still do. Some kids naturally gravitate towards books, and some need an extra nudge to keep turning the pages. But there are practices you can start to ensure that your children become lifelong readers. Take a look at these posts written by CMC contributors on how they are raising lifelong readers.

My 4-Step Plan for My Son to LOVE Reading

Why Family Reading Time Should be on Your Summer Bucket List

I Pay My Kids to Read

More Resources for Readers

There are many ways outside of just picking up a book to make the most of your reading life. Here are a few resources to help you as you rediscover the joys of books and reading.


Did you know there are podcasts dedicated to book talk? Listening to book experts give book recommendations and tips can really enhance your reading life.

Currently Reading

What Should I Read Next

Sarah’s Bookshelves Live

Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books


Did you know there’s a corner of Instagram devoted to books and reading? On #bookstagram, book influencers post visually stunning images of the books they are reading. You can also find reviews of almost any book searching the title with a hashtag.

Celebrity/Online Book Clubs

Oprah started the trend, and now many more celebrities and other media outlets are jumping on the book club bandwagon. Following these clubs are a great way to find out about new, buzzy books that everyone’s talking about.

Track Your Reading

One of the best motivators to keep reading is tracking your books and sharing what you read with others. Many people track their books digitally, using apps like Goodreads or The StoryGraph, while others use a simple bullet journal or paper reading tracker. You can rate your books, write reviews, or simply list them for your own records. There are no rules here!

Books are magical, and everyone has pockets in their day they can prioritize for reading. Hopefully, these resources from our City Mom Collective sister sites and other online outlets will give you some tips and motivation for picking up your next great book! Happy reading, mamas!

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