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Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Cream

Can you recall a moment in your parenthood journey where you were completely clueless on what to do next? Let’s be real here. We all have. Whether you had to scour through the What To Expect books, turned to Google, called your own mom or even had a minor (or major) panic attack, we’ve all been at a point where parenting was just plain tough.

Luckily, Dr. Smith’s® has one thing covered for us and that’s your baby’s adorable bum! Dr. Smith’s knows that parenting is tough enough, and diaper rash should be one less stress. From overwhelming decisions, tantrums and diaper blowouts, to the delicate balance of work and family, Dr. Smith’s understands what today’s parents are going through. Because they are committed to supporting the needs of parents, they recently kicked off a survey of more than 350 parents from all over the U.S. The results were surprising.

  • More than 68% of parents have felt overwhelmed by their role as a parent in the last 30 days.
  • 71% of parents rely on the support of a partner to address tough parenting struggles, while 35% look to their friends and extended family for support.

Does this ring true for you? Though we all come from different backgrounds and family experiences – the journey of parenting is one that unites us.

Several of our City Moms Blog Sister Sites have shared their take on key parenting topics in our series of posts for Dr. Smith’s. Don’t miss these insightful looks at parenting from our online communities.

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One lucky reader can enter to win a prize basket valued over $200, stocked with must-have items for any new parent, including a year supply of Dr. Smith’s diaper rash Ointment and Spray, board books and baby care essentials from some favorite brands.

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This post was sponsored by Dr. Smith’s®. Developed by a pediatrician, Dr. Smith’s effectiveness has earned it the recommendation of health care practitioners everywhere. It’s the brand parents trust to gently treat even the most severe diaper rash, fast. Dr. Smith’s is available in an ointment and touch-free, zinc oxide spray. It is sold at Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and other national retailers, drug and grocery stores.


  1. Well, I am a Nana to 8 and my youngest daughter is in college. I am struggling right now with letting her go! It is so hard. I struggle when I have a new grandchild (which I am expecting in February) to keep my mouth shut and not give unwanted advice! 🙂

  2. One struggle we faced with my grandson was finding the right formula. He was throwing up and not putting on weight.

  3. Right now my biggest parenting struggle is sleep. My little guy wakes up constantly and he is running us thin!

  4. As a parent i struggle keeping my cool. We have 4 kids ages 6years to 7weeks. Someone is either crying or breaking something

  5. I struggle with the tantrums my toddler has and I’m hoping as he learns to communicate better the tantrums will get better! Ugh!

  6. One parenting struggle(out of the many) that I have encountered is trying to discipline my 3 yr old but being scared to turn into my mother in that area so i continue to talk and try and bribe her to act better sometimes instead of misbehaving and doing as she pleases.

  7. My son and daughter were pretty good kids, but the smarting off and being mouthy is what I had a problem with when they were little. They did not seem to listen to me!

  8. My parenting struggle, and I have many, has been not worrying so much about keeping a clean house so I can be with the little ones more!

  9. My current parenting struggle is dealing w/ a picky eater! It probably frustrates me more than it should 🙂

  10. My struggle with my daughter and grandchildren is letting them get away with too much and they kind of take advantage of that sometimes.

  11. My biggest struggle is being in tune with my sensitive child and making sure he feels listened to and understood.

    • I hear ya. I have (3) teenagera in college and (1) lil one who just started kindergarten. Sometimes it’s hard keeping the more grown up stuff away from the littlest. Then they’res times where the lil one gets whiney or upset and I ha e to yell at the others for acting like its nothing they ever did.

  12. My daughter had reflux as a infant. It was so tough, but we overcame it with the help from doctors. I’m now due with baby #2 in December and hoping everything goes smoothly!

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