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Disclosure :: City Moms Blog Network received product in exchange for this promotion, however all opinions shared are entirely our own.

I’m not a photographer, but I play one on IG.  Find some good lighting, try to get everyone to smile (or decide for the more candid shot), click the red button on my phone and make it look all pretty through different apps and filters before sharing with the online world.  Sometimes I have a real winner of a photo and I for one second I think, “Gosh, I am GOOD.  People should pay me to do this.” (wink, wink)

Header_zpskstpugzxThen you meet someone like Stacey Woodward from Dream Photography Studio, and you realize how little you know about the world of photography, and how some things are just better left to the professionals. She knows big words like “aperture”, and terms like “ISO”, and has a full service photo-editing program on her computer.  Once you see how her work combines all of her knowledge and talent together so perfectly, you determine that for some things it’s best to hire someone who knows what they’re doing.

Our team at City Moms Blog Network has worked with Stacey a few times over the past couple years, and this last January we had another chance to hang out with her during our team retreat in Phoenix (where Stacey is based) to update our headshots and team photos.  Once we all arrived from our various locations from the across the country, we put on our finest outfits, doubled up on the makeup, and headed to a location chosen by Stacey. We were greeted with a big smile, hugs, and personal connection to each of us. While taking our photos, she put the camera to her side and chatted with each of us. Catching up, getting to know us, making it a personal experience, not just a point and click job. But yet, she worked fast! Within a few clicks, she had the perfect photos of each of us, and we sat back amazed that she could so much in such little time. For our team photos, she spotted the fly-away hairs (hand raised!) and the misplaced arms or legs, while complimenting and making each of us feel like a million bucks.


Now, as the mom who’s always behind the camera phone, isn’t it just the best when you actually get a nice photo of yourself? Not the kind where your kids accidentally grab the phone and beautifully capture you in a robe unloading the dishwasher while you’re not looking. No, when someone takes a moment to help you look your best, compliments your features, and then captures you in one of your finer moments, there’s just nothing better.

If you are part of a team in need of headshots, OR if you are just a mom who would like to have beautiful photos of yourself (whether for your child’s scrapbook or for your business’s LinkedIn/Etsy/IG profile pic), our entire team would highly recommend hiring Stacey from Dream Photography Studio. And she just started “boudoir” photos, if you want to add a little extra steamy quality to your photos (although maybe I wouldn’t recommend that for a team photo…) 😉


Of course, Stacey also offers maternity, newborn, family and lifestyle photos that beautifully capture some of the most precious milestones of our lives. If you live in the Phoenix area, and want the chance to get out from behind the camera and relying so heavily on Instagram filters, consider yourself lucky to be within range of Dream Photography Studio, and contact Stacey, a true professional.


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