Easter Ideas for a Simple, Stress Free Holiday


Holidays- all of them- have become major events. If you are a mom who spends any time on social media, Pinterest, or in Facebook mom groups, you know what I’m talking about. There can be intense pressure to make so much of our children’s lives magical…at the expense of our own sanity. This includes Easter. What used to be a more “minor” holiday than Christmas (I’m talking the secular, not religious celebrations) has now morphed into something else entirely. Move over Santa Claus, here comes the Easter Bunny.

three children sitting with bunny ears headbands hold plastic eggs over their eyesIf you are a mom for whom going extra on Easter gives her life, go with God. You do you. Do all the things: fancy egg dying, coordinating clothes shopping, designer basket curating, multiple egg hunt attending…the sky is the limit. But if you’re not that mom- this post is for you. I’m going to gently suggest that this Easter, take the pressure off yourself to do all the things. If your kids don’t have new outfits because you’re broke buying eggs for them to dye (IYKYK) THAT’S OK. If the thought of taking them to an Easter egg hunt with a million germy kids fighting over plastic eggs with cheap candy inside makes you want to crawl in the bed, go ahead and skip it- and crawl in the bed anyway. You deserve a nap.

This Easter, work smarter, not harder. I hope some of these stress free Easter tips can save your sanity- and possibly some cash too. 

Stress Free Easter Clothes

Your babies do not need new clothes for Easter- they just don’t. I promise you are the only mom concerned if little Susie shows up to church wearing the dress she…gasp…was already seen in on that unseasonably warm Sunday in February. Instead of new clothes shopping, maybe try out a new hairstyle, or buy your kid a new pair of shoes they need anyway. 

If you are set on “new” outfits for the kids, why not try thrifting? Kids grow SO FAST and many kids resale shops have beautiful, name brand clothing- and a lot of it is barely worn. Or, ask a friend with kids a size or two ahead of your own if they have something you can borrow or have. I LOVE seeing my kids outgrown clothes on my friends’ children– it brings me so much joy. 

Stress Free Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are fun! Kids love waking up to some small surprises from the Easter Bunny (or Mom and Dad) and this tradition is a fun way to celebrate. However, in my not-so-humble opinion, Easter baskets should in no way rival Christmas morning. Mama, those kids just DO NOT need more stuff, just for the sake of giving them stuff. In our Easter baskets, we go simple- a few things they need for the spring/summer season (a new swimsuit, towel, flip flops, etc, a book or two, and maybe something fun like sidewalk chalk, a card game, or a new pair of sunglasses. That’s it. 

Egg Dying and Other Crafts

Dying eggs is an Easter tradition for many of us, dating back to childhood. And thankfully, it is one that can be done easily and cheaply. Our sister sites have some great ideas when it comes to this timeless activity:

Do the Funky Chicken: A Simple Method to Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

5 Mom-Tested (kid-approved) Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

If you have craft-loving kids or some extra time to kill over Easter weekend, here are some fun, easy Easter activities to do with your kids:



Again, if you want to go all out with Easter, do it! As moms, we need to do what fills our cup and brings life to our families. But we should not feel like Easter, or any other holiday, is a competition or a never ending list of to-dos and things to buy. 

Happy stress free Easter!

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Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth was raised in Houston and met her husband Ryan shortly after graduating from Texas A&M with a journalism degree. A few years later, Grayson {Sept 2010}, turned Elizabeth’s world upside down, not only with his sparkling blue eyes and killer smile, but with his profound disabilities and diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease. After two years of navigating the world of special needs parenting, Elizabeth and Ryan were blessed with Charlotte {Jan 2013} and Nolan {Sept 2015}, perfectly completing their party of five. Elizabeth and her crew live in Katy, Texas, and when she can steal a few moments for herself, she can be found out for Mexican food and margaritas with girlfriends, binge-listening to podcasts and audiobooks, or trying once again {unsuccessfully} to organize her closet. In addition to her role with City Mom Collective, Elizabeth is the Managing Editor for Houston Moms. You can connect with Elizabeth on Facebook, Instagram or elizabethkbaker.com.


  1. Yes!!! To all things mentioned.
    Thrifting/not caring if we’re picture perfect…& this year my youngest boys (11,13,13) “dyed” eggs with markers (so much easier to clean up!). It’s the memories, not the stuff. We’re volunteering at our church’s egg hunt games where I learned 2 of our boys apparently know how to make balooon animals better than the adults 😉