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In this episode, Michelle has a conversation with Nicole Cottrell, curator of, to discuss the importance of educating our kids about Black History.  February is Black History Month, but every day we should recognize and celebrate the achievements of Black Americans.

We hope this conversation is enlightening and encouraging for all mothers. Visit as well as our book recommendations below to continue to celebrate Black History!

Episode 95 :: Show Notes


Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race

About Our Guest

Nicole Cottrell

Nicole has accurately been described as a lover and a fighter. It is this passion she brings to her everyday life while homeschooling her three uniquely individual, but equally creative and kind, children alongside her entrepreneurial, fun-loving husband, Jonathan. She is also the curator of Stories of Color, a free online resource for diverse, multicultural living books whose mission is to equip, empower, and entrust parents in educating their children about “whole history.” When not reciting Shakespeare or helping solve geometry problems, she can be found reading, enjoying time with friends, traveling, or napping, although not necessarily in that order.

Follow Nicole on Instagram @storiesofcolor_

Just Add Sprinkles Host

Steph is the CEO & Founder of City Mom Collective; growing the network after founding its original site, Scottsdale Moms Blog, in 2009. Now living in the greater Minneapolis area, she oversees the national network by spearheading growth strategies while shepherding and encouraging an ever-increasing number of moms managing individual hyper-local parenting websites. She is married to Alan and is the mom of three girls, Nora, Elsie, and Audrey. She loves throwing a great party, connecting people, and cooking with a glass of red wine in hand.




Denver Mom Collective Owner:: Sarah McGinnity

We are so thrilled to announce the addition of Denver Mom Collective to our sisterhood! 

Denver Mom Collective is an online parenting resource and community for Denver Area families with a mission to connect local moms to resources, information, and each other! We believe in the value of creating deep connections with other moms by sharing in the experience of motherhood and promoting local resources. As a group of moms ourselves, our goal is to build a supportive community and to foster pride in the Mile High City!

Denver Mom Collective will provide authentic and diverse stories of motherhood from Denver area moms as well as resources guides that support your life in Denver as a mom, partner and friend.

Top Children’s Books to Celebrate Black History Month

One of the best ways to celebrate Black History Month with kids is by reading books that uplift black voices and stories. These stories can be based on the lives of real individuals or they can even be fictional stories that encourage Black children (and others) to see that there is no limit to what one can do.

While February is Black History Month, it shouldn’t be the only time that we read books that celebrate Black people and their accomplishments – main characters should represent our country as a whole and that means diversifying our book shelves.

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