Episode 1 :: I Just Don’t See It


You see, motherhood has made me blind. Blind to the little things in life that just don’t matter. I don’t see the Goldfish smashed in your carpet or the fact that you’ve worn a hat for four days to hide the hair that hasn’t been washed or the text message you forgot to send me because you were just so tired you went to bed early.

Join Stephanie and Danielle, author of the post I Just Don’t See It, which originally published on our sister site, Twin Cities Moms Blog, as they discuss the power of extending grace and understanding versus judgment and criticism in motherhood.

Every day, we have the ability to show kindness to other moms in the trenches through ignoring all.the.things that might not be perfect. Let’s collectively give each other credit for even trying! 

Episode 1 :: Show Notes

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We are proud to welcome our newest Sister Site, Military Moms Blog. Military Moms Blog is the latest in a list of new sites to join our Network and we are excited to start connecting military moms through community and addressing the unique needs of being a military mom.

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We are loving Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, a book dedicated to finding balance, especially as a mom. Walk alongside Shauna as she journeys from feeling burnt out on busy to a more peaceful and less “perfect” life. 

In this Book, Present Over Perfect. Shauna talks about the everyday struggles that so many moms have when it comes to embracing the present, the moment and the day we are living in, as opposed to striving for the next or striving for perfection.

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