Episode 2 :: We’re All In This Together


The thing is, somewhere along the way, we’ve let social media and movies paint a picture that motherhood is a high school soap opera of mean girls and cliques. For whatever reason, we’ve allowed ourselves to believe lies that all the other mothers in the world are judging us for all the ways we are messing up. And that’s not to say that those situations don’t exist, but I think they’re more the exception than the rule.

Join Stephanie and Heather, author of the post To the Moms Drinking Mimosas in the Park, which originally published on our sister site, MKE Moms Blog, as they discuss getting over your insecurities in motherhood and the importance of banding together.

How many times have you allowed a self-conscious moment to prevent you from connecting with other moms? We all have our “hot-mess” moments and it’s important to accept as many acts of mom-solidarity that we can! So go ahead and grab a mimosa and cheers to being a mom!

Episode 2 :: Show Notes

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We are proud to welcome our newest Sister Site, Gainesville FL Moms Blog. Gainesville FL Moms Blog is the latest in a list of new sites to join our Network and we are excited to start connecting moms in Gainesville, Florida.

You’ve Got To Try This ::

In this episode, we are sharing a favorite Lemonade Mimosa recipes from our sister site Anaheim Moms Blog that you’ve got to try! This drink is so yummy and refreshing, like the taste of Summer even though it’s cold outside!

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Episode 2 :: About Our Guest

About Heather…

A Milwaukee native, Heather married her best friend 8 years ago, and has lived something of a nomadic lifestyle ever since. Schooling, family, disaster relief work, and a sense of adventure have moved them thirteen times (via 5 states) in 7 years. Regardless of her immediate location, Heather has continually heard Milwaukee calling her “home”. Now raising a four year old, two year old, and one year old twins, she and her husband finally decided to plant roots, and are thrilled to be calling the Milwaukee area their (maybe) forever home. When she’s not chasing around her growing brood or sweeping up cheerios, Heather can be found experimenting with recipes, failing at the Pinterest life, or finding new outlets for her singing and theatrical passions. Heather is currently working on her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and has a special interest in community development and adolescent issues.

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