Episode 3 :: Celebrating Adoption


The whole journey was not at all what we thought our family would look like. It’s not how we thought our family would be grown. But I can honestly say now, looking back, I am so grateful for my infertility. I never thought during those days of crying and crying every month that I would ever say those words, but I would not have the two girls I have today if it were not for that season of our life. And I can’t imagine any other kids on our life.

Join Stephanie and Laura, adoptive mom to two beautiful girls, as they celebrate adoption and how the life-changing decision to adopt transforms families.

November is National Adoption Month. Moms from across the country are sharing their stories of adoption and the impact opening your heart can have on your life.

Resources and Statistics:

During the podcast, we mention several adoption statistics and resources available to families considering adoption. We have included them below.

Episode 3 :: Show Notes

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Episode 3 :: About Our Guest

About Laura…

Laura is the Creative Director for City Moms Blog Network and loves making all things beautiful. She creates the logos and artwork for our Sister Sites, designs promotional and sponsorship materials for the network, and is director of our annual Sister Site Conference for our site owners and teams. Laura is wife to Philip and momma to two precious little girls, Brighton (March 2013)  and Juliana (January 2015). Laura is passionate about adoption, loves gathering people in her home, eats an ice cream sundae every night, always has her nose in a book, enjoys decorating her home, and loves traveling the world.

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