Family Friendly 4th of July Activities


To help celebrate Independence Day we have rounded up fun and activities, crafts and food to enjoy with the whole family!

4th of July crafts to keep little ones busy

If you are looking for a fun craft to do with your little ones this 4th of July, try one of these at your holiday party. They are fun for adults too!

Painted Fireworks

For this fun firework craft, all you need is paper, paint and a plastic fork. Dip the fork into the paint and put the fork on the paper, moving in a circular motion to create a firework shape. If you don’t mind the mess, sprinkle some glitter on top of the paint!

July 4th Pinwheels & Fireworks :: Last-Minute Crafts for Independence Day

Shaving Cream Fireworks

The best part about this activity is that you probably don’t need to go to the store for supplies. Simply squirt shaving cream onto a cookie sheet and spread evenly, squirt drops of food coloring onto the shaving cream, and use a toothpick to spread the color around to create fireworks. Once happy with your design, you can lay a piece of paper on top of the creation and watch it “bleed” onto the paper. You can use the same cookie sheet to make several pieces of artwork!

4th of July Craft and Experiment: Shaving Cream Fireworks Prints

Get festive with 4th of July themed food and drinks

One of the best parts of the 4th of July holiday is celebrating with friends and family. If you are heading to a backyard barbecue and not sure what to bring, try one of these festive recipes.

Patriotic Punch

If you’re looking for a signature, family-friendly drink for your 4th of July barbecue, look no further. This one combines cranberry juice, flavored water and Gatorade, and is just as thirst quenching as it is delicious.

Patriotic Punch :: a 4th of July Recipe

S’mores Cones

Instead of making a traditional s’more, why not make a s’mores cone this year? Grab some waffle cones and your favorite toppings, like chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, dry cereal and fresh berries, and let everyone make their own dessert.

4th of July S’mores Cones

American Flag Platter

Who doesn’t love a holiday-themed appetizer platter? This meat and cheese platter will please a crowd. Layer rows of cheese, meat and fruit to make a fun red, white and blue flag!

Quick and Easy 4th of July Recipes

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