Summer! How does your family spend its days when the sun is high in the sky? Is your idea of summer fun relaxing by the pool? Late bedtimes and sleeping in? Camping? Allowing the kids unfettered access to electronics?

There is no wrong answer here, friends. Everyone does summer differently.

Some parents schedule out every magical moment. Some anxiously await lazy weekdays with no schedule. Other parents who work outside the home cobble together a mix of day camps, child care, work-from-home days and pack the family fun in on weekends.

Whatever your situation, read on for countless ideas to make the most of your summer days.

Start the Day Right

If your child is old enough to use electronics, this printable Summer To-Do List from Scottsdale Moms might come in handy:

summer to-do list summer fun

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Not into summer structure? Read this to see why some psychologists believe boredom is important for kids. I thought this passage was interesting: “A recent series of studies found that 64 percent of young men and 15 percent of young women chose to self-administer a mild electric shot rather than sit quietly with their own thoughts for as little as six minutes! So resist your impulse to “task” your child when she is staring absently into the clouds. Important work is being done—you just can’t see it.”

Love structure? Here are some strategies from the Child Mind Institute backing that idea.

My own family spends much of the summer camping, hiking and fishing. But some of our friends would rather be dropped into a vat of acid. There is no one-sized fits all.

So, whatever you choose to do with your summer, own it. Know that your kids will turn out ok whether they are at daycare, bored out of their minds or booked with wall-to-wall activities.

Enjoy the Small Moments of Summer

If you do one thing: Enjoy the tiny, unplanned moments. Chasing fireflies in the backyard. Jumping in puddles after a warm summer rain. Throwing rocks into a stream. Playing a quick game of Uno while dinner is cooking.

The kids will remember those moments every bit as much as they will a weeklong trip to the beach. (And psssst…. so will you!)

Great Summer Fun Ideas from Other Moms

Read on for tons of ideas from across the City Mom Collective network that will help make this your best summer yet…

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Mamas…You are the experts on summer fun! What have we missed? Drop your best ideas in the comments!