Favorite Baby Products Round-up


Favorite Baby Products from City Moms Blog Network

One of the most intimidating aspects of becoming a mom, whether it be for the first, second or even third time, is making sure you have all the gear you need to make both baby and mommy happy!

Luckily, our sister sites have put together some fabulous lists of their favorite baby products. They’ve done the research and even testing for you! Check out some of their top baby gear picks!

Alamo City ::

topten-300x266Top Ten Baby Gear List For The First 6-Months

If you are, or know of, a first time mom getting ready to bring an infant home, it is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to registering and deciding what you really need versus what looks cool. This TOP 10 Baby Gear List is a place to start if you are trying decide what you will really use, in efforts not to go overboard on buying big items you will only use for a handful of months. I am all about being realistic trying to keep my home from looking like an infant gear show-room at all times. Read More >>

NoseFrida Product ReviewGet Those Boogers Out: NoseFrida Baby Product Review

I thought I had seen it all.

After two babies, seventeen months apart, I thought I had seen every baby product ever made. I was confident that if I hadn’t heard about it then it was probably just a fad and I could definitely do without when it came to raising my third child, born just four months ago. This is an unpaid product review about the best baby product I NEVER had with my first two children. (And it’s hard to get this third-time mom too excited about any baby product.) Read More >>

Columbia SC ::

10-best-baby-products-300x30010 Must Have Baby Products

A couple of months before my daughter was born a girlfriend took me to register at a big box baby store. Strolling the aisles with my scanner in hand, I was overwhelmed by the amount of products one tiny human needed. Luckily, my girlfriend was already a mama herself and steered me towards the essentials.  Two and a half years later, I am sharing my own list of 10 Must Have Baby Products (in no particular order). Read More >>

orajel-tabs-163x300Tested Teething Remedies

Thank goodness babies get teeth when they are small. And thank goodness babies don’t whine quite like they do once they become toddlers and start talking. Because it must be absolutely MISERABLE for those pearly whites to make their first appearances through the gums. Considering I have three children under the age of five, we’ve tried most all of the currently accepted means of relieving teeth pain in our house. Some worked for my first son Harrison, and others worked for my youngest son Reid. (Miraculously, teething pain misery seemed to escape my other son Clark altogether, or it was so bad I blocked it out.) Read More >>

Dallas ::

5-Baby-Products-Moms-Can-Use5 Baby Products Moms Can Use Themselves

Before I became a parent, I always knew that babies had a lot of stuff, but I never really grasped just how full that diaper bag can be.

Beyond the increased muscle mass you gain from lugging that tote around, I have found there are several products that are my go-to items, but not just for baby, but for me! Read More >>

Getting Natural With Avent PhilipsGetting Natural With Philips Avent Giveaway

Sometime between my first and second child, life changed drastically for me. I went from being a stay-at-home-mom where my days and nights were spent 100% focused on my child. My calendar was nothing but church play dates and Baby Boot Camp in between nursing sessions and naptimes. Although my goal was to reach 12 months, I remember when I decided to stop nursing at 9 months and switch over to a bottle, I felt this huge feeling of relief. Although I was still my child’s personal assistant, I at least had a little bit of my freedom (and my body) back. Read More >>

Dallas-Moms-Blog-Lovies-300x199Top 10 Must Have Toddler Items

September.  My favorite month of the year.  Yes, I confess, it’s my birthday month and I adore sapphires, but the real reason I love September is because of the transition from summer to fall.

There’s just something about the movement away from the exhausting heat and into the crisp, cool autumn breeze that renews my spirit and puts a spring in my step. Read More >>

The Snot Sucker Dallas Moms BlogThe Snot Sucker

A few weeks ago as part of the Contributor Confessions, I said my must have baby item was the NoseFrida. Yes, that’s correct. A SNOT SUCKER is at the top of my list!

I received this as a gift, and to be honest, I wasn’t too sure about it. I had friends who had raved about it, but I just didn’t think it’d be necessary. Well, about a week into motherhood, that changed. Read More >>

Fort Worth ::

favorite 3 month old productsMy Favorite Products For A 3-Month Old

As a moms we rely on recommendations from friends, online reviews and our best guess as to what products and gear we will need as we start out in motherhood.  What are the best brands? Do I really need {insert product here}?  I shared some of my favorite newborn products and we still use some of those items but 3 months later, and we have found all sorts of favorite new things to keep up with our little girl’s changing needs! Read More >>

Screen-Shot-2013-05-19-at-9.38.11-PM-300x211Must Have Newborn Products

Every person (and especially mom) loves a good recommendation.  Who is your mechanic? Where do your kids go to pre-school/school/camp/dance? Who does your hair? How did you lose all that weight?  What do you use to get that flawless glow?  And as a new mom with lots of pregnant friends, I have had countless texts messages, emails, and phone conversations with my friends while at BuyBuyBaby asking for my advice on what to register for.  So I thought I would do a little mini-series tracking what products have been our favorite as our little girl grows! Read More >>

Double Strollers DemystifiedDouble Strollers Demystified

As the mother of four children under the age of three, I am a self-appointed double stroller expert. In fact, I currently own three double strollers: the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller, the BOB Revolution SE Duallie, and the Baby Trend Universal Snap’N’Go Double.

Until recently when the babies outgrew the need for a Snap’N’Go, I actually used all three strollers regularly. Read More >>

Iowa City ::

bitybean2-333x500This One’s A Keeper

I am so excited that I finally found a baby carrier that works for me and my little one! We just got a Bitybean and it is working out fantastic!

I’ve tried others, and well…it was a different story. I don’t do well with complicated directions or miles of fabric to wrap. The Bitybean is different than the other carriers I have tried and I am definitely keeping it! Read More >>

Jacksonville ::

Baby Product Overload Part 1

Preparing for a baby is an exciting and special time. It is also overwhelming. I know that shopping for baby products can just reduce a hormonal mama-to-be to tears – there is so much stuff and so many brands and so many places to buy it from. After two kids, I get that! To the point that every time I walk into Babies ‘R Us or Target and I see a pregnant woman with a scanner in her hand, I want to grab it from her and yell at her “YOU DON’T NEED THAT, HONEY, YOU NEED THIS!!! LET ME HELP YOU!!” Read More >>

Oh Baby! Product Overload Part 2: 10 Baby Items To Buy

I’m going to save everyone’s time and some internet space and skip the obvious items here: car seat, stroller with good sun protection, thermometer, crib, bouncer, breast pump, Ergo or similar baby carrier, diaper bag, burp cloths and blankets. Yes, buy those. I’m going to list instead, the things I didn’t know about until someone told me they existed and I realized they were the best things ever invented. Read More >>

Oh Baby! 10 Baby Items To Borrow

I’m going to save everyone’s time and some internet space and skip the obvious items here: car seat, stroller with good sun protection, thermometer, crib, bouncer, breast pump, Ergo or similar baby carrier, diaper bag, burp cloths and blankets. Yes, buy those. I’m going to list instead, the things I didn’t know about until someone told me they existed and I realized they were the best things ever invented. Read More >>

Kansas City ::

momschoicepic-1024x1024Moms Choice Award

It’s that time of year again – we are in the midst of 2014 awards season! Starting every January and lasting through early March, there is an awards show happening practically every week honoring the finest in film, television, music, and entertainment. Our TiVos and DVRs are set, our wine glasses are filled, and we’re glued to our social media feeds as we debate the merits of everything from attire/hair/makeup to which celebrity had the worst acceptance speech/was the most intoxicated on the red carpet. Read More >>

Sidekick-200x300As Seen On TV: Handy Products For Moms

As you may have heard, Julie and I had the opportunity to appear in two segments on the Fox 4 Morning Show on Tuesday – one, a segment on the rise of “mommy bloggers” (which also introduced their viewers to Kansas City Moms Blog!) and the other a review of some handy products for moms. (You can watch both of these segments here.) We wanted to share these products with you…


New Orleans ::

Nursing EssentialsNursing Survival Tips Third Times A Charm

Making the choice to breastfeed your baby is not always an easy one. Through two very different nursing experiences I’ve learned a lot and feel ready for my upcoming journey with number three. Initially with my first son, I was sure that I was going to breastfeed. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. Little did I know that only moments after he was born the challenges would begin. The doctor placed my son in my arms and told me that I could try to nurse him, if I wanted to. Of course I wanted to! Only, I could not get him to latch. It was then that the nurse advised me that I had inverted nipples and that nursing was going to be an uphill battle. Read More >>

North Phoenix ::

North-Phoenix-Moms-Blog-Begin-Again-1024x735Tips On Teething Products We Love

So I’m sure you all remember that dreaded well-check appointment…the one when the pediatrician tells you that your baby will start to bud teeth soon. They say usually around 6 months or so that you will notice drooling and maybe some crankiness. Well for me, this conversation came at the 4 month check and you know what…he was ALREADY cutting teeth. I remember the pediatrician checking him and saying, “Oh I see swelling already! Can you see the lines under his gums? He should be cutting teeth next week.” So I bring you my Teething Tips + Products We Love post because I’m “that mom” with a 4 month old with 4 teeth. Read More >>

Quad Cities ::

marie_baby_itemsBuying For Baby: What I Wish I Had Registered For The First Time

How much is too much to spend on a diaper bag?  Do I need a jogging stroller and a travel system?  Is a French squeeky giraffe really worth $22?  What in the world is butt paste?  Registering for your baby is very exciting, but can also be overwhelming with all of the different brands and styles.  Purchasing the best baby items is many times trial and error.  There are a number of items I ended up re-purchasing with my second son, which ended up costing double in the end.  The list below contains many of the ‘I wish I would have purchased the first time’ items that I recommend to my friends when they are expecting. Read More >>

leapfrog-activity-tableBaby Must Haves

Erin is in the midst of baby showers and trying to prepare before she gives birth.  She asked me if I could give her a list of baby items I love.  You may think, “Camye has had three kids in four years, she has got to know what’s best!”  But no, I really don’t.  I have lots of hand-me-downs and borrowed baby gear.  I didn’t register during any of my pregnancies and I never had a huge baby shower.  I live in a very small house so I don’t need baby monitors. Read More >>

Tampa Bay ::

Top-10-Newborn-List-JPEG-1024x789A New Mom’s Top 10 Must Haves

When I was pregnant I Googled every list I could find for pretty much every question I had about which baby products to buy like, “Top Items”, “Must-Haves” and “Number one item to make your life easier with a newborn”. I’m one of those that would like a manual. I freak out in my ‘planning period,’ but once baby girl arrived I could care less about what needed to be planned. I like figuring out her cries and what makes her go to sleep, but I also like already having the important tools available in arms reach, just in case. Read More >>

Twin Cities ::

Screen-Shot-2014-04-04-at-9.34.48-PMTCMB Top Picks: Strollers

Welcome to our brand new series TCMB Top Picks!  We would love to share our favorite things with you and will pick a new topic each time – today we’re talking strollers!

Our team has weighed in with what they love about their strollers.  If you’re in the market for a new one, we hope you find a good model below that fits your family! Read More >>

Top-Picks-for-Baby-1Registry 101 and 14 Top Picks

Confession: I am a huge baby gear junkie. There, I said it, but I am not ashamed – it’s an addiction that is way too fun!  I have been dragging my husband to Babies ‘R Us for too long, far before we even had children.  I’ve always thought it was fun to look at baby stuff  (it’s SO tiny and cute!) , but being a full-time nanny in the years between college and having my own children gave me the perfect excuse to peruse the aisles of baby items.  And, because I had years to try out so many different items, I felt super prepared to set-up my own registry when the time came.  As much as I love the gear, there is SO much of it that you really don’t need and because I personally hate to have extras in my home, I’ll point out things I think you can live without.



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