Five Women Making History: Megan Tamte, Co-founder and Co-CEO of EVEREVE


March is Women’s History Month and we are excited to celebrate and share five amazing women and mothers who are making an impact in today’s world.   We encourage you to join us each week as we spotlight these hardworking and inspiring women!

Megan Tamte:: Co-Founder & Co-CEO of EVEREVE

Megan Tamte is a visionary entrepreneur. Twenty-some years ago, a dressing room disaster inspired her to reimagine the women’s shopping experience, and today, she’s co-founder and co-CEO of EVEREVE, a contemporary fashion retailer with over one million customers, 100+ stores from coast to coast, a booming e-commerce business and a fast-growing subscription box service, Trendsend.

Megan attributes her success to her unwavering passion for people, an eye for curating an incredible product mix, and fostering an unparalleled work culture—from the retail floor to the home office—rooted in the brand’s signature HEART values: humility, empathy, authenticity, relationships, and tenacity.

When she’s not leading EVEREVE with her co-CEO and husband, Mike, Megan is sharing her retail knowledge and expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs, and proudly serving three other organizations, as Board member of the Chicago-based Common Ground Foundation, a board member of Warners’ Stellian,  a fellow Minnesota-based retailer,  and the Global Leadership Network. Megan recently joined a team that welcomes refugees to Minnesota through the organization, Arrive Ministries. 

In her free time, Megan enjoys seeking out adventurous travel or relaxing with Mike and their two adult children and goldendoodle on the lake. And ever the shop girl at heart, Megan continues to find joy styling women in the dressing room…where it all began.

An Interview with Megan

What inspired you to launch EVEREVE?

It all started in a dressing room. A terrible experience shopping for clothes left me crying and feeling  alone, overwhelmed, and doubting myself.  On the drive home from that shopping experience the EVEREVE dream was born as I reimagined what the shopping experience could have been that day.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

My workdays always start with two hours of “soul work” time. I get up at 5:30am to read, pray and think about my day. When I’m not traveling to visit stores or hunting for product and/or creative inspiration, I’m usually at the EVEREVE Home Office connecting with our executive team and engaging in conversations about product and marketing. On Thursdays, I spend the afternoon at the EVEREVE Warehouse. I touch every item that has come in that week and try on over 25 pieces of product.

As a woman, what obstacles did you face or did you ever question whether you could achieve your goals?

The biggest obstacle I faced was moving forward with my dream to start EVEREVE even though I was scared and didn’t have any experience.  It takes a lot of courage to step into the unknown & I am so grateful I had the courage to do it.

What is one piece of advice you wish you could give your pre-boss self?

Listen to your heart, it knows the way.  Pay close attention to the things that fire you up, break your heart,  and get you excited.  These are important clues that will help you discover your passion.

Megan and Family

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