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Does your child ever struggle with homework? Maybe it’s every single day in math; maybe it’s just the occasional writing assignment. What tutors were available whenever you needed one? 

Daily. Weekly. Once in awhile. At the last minute. Before a test. Early morning. Late night. When your child is home sick. When you simply don’t have the energy to re-learn trig to help. 

This isn’t fantasy, friends. The future is here. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. 

School is tough. And the last two years have been the toughest. Our kids have been in and out of brick-and-mortar buildings, some have been online, others homeschooled. Most kids are playing catch up and parents are already stretched thin.

GoPeer Tutors

GoPeer connects families online with qualified college undergraduates who are available to tutor students from kindergarten through college. Students tutoring students: brilliant! Let’s face it: They have studied these subjects more recently than most parents have. 

And these aren’t just any college students. GoPeer hires fewer than 5 percent of applicants. This is an elite pool of 10,000 college students attending top-tier universities like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. 

Motivated students mentoring other students in over 150 subjects, while earning money for college. 

No more dragging our kids to busy tutoring centers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, whether or not they really need it that week. No more begging everyone in your social network to share the name of a-n-y-o-n-e local who tutors, getting your hopes up, then finding out they have no openings, aren’t an expert in that subject (or are outrageously expensive). 

GoPeer is making high-quality, one-on-one tutoring accessible for all students, at an affordable price. More than 40,000 families already use GoPeer. Read on for details about how to try it out for free and get a $20 credit toward tutoring. 

How It Works

It’s easy.

Create an account here or just noodle around the site a bit to see for yourself what it’s all about. 

Try clicking “request a tutor.” First step… choose your subject. While it’s perfectly fine to type in “math” or “reading,” take a deep dive to see the vast collection of available subjects — things like multivariable calculus, saxophone, Japanese and even SAT prep in specific areas. In other words, if your child is struggling with a subject, the odds are high that GoPeer has tutors who could help. 

Below is a screenshot of the tutor search function.

Find a Tutor - City Mom Collective

Once you select your subject, GoPeer provides three personalized tutor recommendations, based on your request. When I submitted my request, I had our first recommendation within minutes, was able to view her profile, reviews and more. Then, I could immediately chat with her. I received two other recommendations shortly thereafter. 

Simple and quick. 

If you love the first tutor you try, you can request him/her again as often as you’d like. If you think you might be able to find a better match, you can try someone else. 

The Cost

OK… The million dollar question: Does this specialized, one-on-one tutoring cost a million dollars? 


It’s a refreshingly straightforward, two-part system: 

    1. After a free trial, pay a monthly fee to GoPeer to be able to access their tutors and all the extras (see below). It’s $48 per month, $36 per month for six months ($216) or $24 per month for a year ($288). This covers your whole family. 
    2. Pay your tutor $20 per hour. Or $10 per half hour. Or $1.67 for a 5-minute assist. You get the idea. The tutor keeps every penny of that. 

That’s it. More affordable than many extracurricular activities and available when it’s convenient for your family. 

As part of your membership, you get lots of extras like unlimited linked family accounts and access to GoPeer’s virtual classroom and mobile app. 

And perhaps the best feature of all? Unlimited recordings of tutoring sessions. This is amazing. Let’s say your child’s tutoring session is Thursday morning, then you spend a long weekend camping or skiing. Sunday evening rolls around, it’s time for homework and he’s forgotten step four from Thursday’s tutoring. No sweat. Cue up the video.

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