It’s been a doozy of a 365 days. Remote school. Remote work. Grocery pick up. Limited contact with humans outside of our immediate families. So… Spill it… How has your nutrition been? Have you managed to focus on healthy eating or is it time to get back on track? 

No judging here. I promise. 

I lived on my kids’ leftovers for seven straight years. Chicken nuggets. Tortilla chips. Grapes. Mac-n-cheese. Anyone in this spot right now? Mama — don’t sweat it. This is a normal stage of motherhood. It’s called survival. Go with it. You might even look back on it with fond memories. 

But someday… there will come a time when you want to take back control of your meals, your nutrition and your general health. If that day is today, read on. Dozens of fellow moms from across the vast City Mom Collective network have shared their best ideas about eating healthy and nutrition. 

First, a Walk Down Memory Lane… 

Anyone remember the FDA’s old “food pyramid” that suggested the bulk of our diet (6-11 servings) each day should be from the bread, cereal, rice & pasta group?

My how times have changed. A few years back, the USDA shifted its guidance to an updated format called MyPlate. The idea was to give a simpler depiction of good food health. It also offers additional guidance such as “vary your veggies” and “make half your grains whole grains.”

Good baseline info, but if you’re looking for more resources, here you go:

  • Foodkeeper App: From the USDA’s site, this little gem gives you lots of tips on food and beverage storage. That helps food last longer and saves you money. Cha-ching! 
  • Eat Right: The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers a huge array of practical information on food, health and fitness for men, women, kids and seniors. 
  • Great nutrition tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

OK… there’s your official guidance on what to eat, friends. 

Now, let’s have a peek at what moms like us do to keep their families healthy: 


Taking back your health as a mom is easier than you think. Sometimes, after having babies, adopting, fostering, or just being the caregiver to someone else, part of us slips […] …

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So it’s no wonder that most of us have used comfort foods to soothe uncomfortable emotions at some point. I mean, it works . . . temporarily. Personally I’ve eaten away sadness, anger, boredom, anxiety, you name it. And yeah, it helped me…

Eating My Feelings :: Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Eating

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Have mealtimes in your home become a battle of the wills, with your kids turning up their noses at the nutritious meal you just prepared? Eating well doesn’t have to […] …

The Secret Recipe For Enticing Your Kids Into Healthier Eating

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Meal time used to be a walk in the park in our house. I mean, my child even enjoyed broccoli. Then he turned two. For the past sixth months, he […] …

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What Should Women’s Vitamins Contain?

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*Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a doctor; the information provided should not take the place of medical advice. Please speak to your doctor before taking any vitamins or […] …

Vitamin D: Why It’s Important and How to Get Enough

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Over the past few years, my family has transitioned to eating less meat. For various reasons: we know a diet filled with plants offers many health benefits compared to one that is heavy in (especially processed) meat. We know animals are often abused…

On Eating Less Meat

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If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the past couple of years, you’ve most likely heard of the keto diet. Often portrayed as the eat-nothing-but-butter-and-bacon diet, it’s extremely popular […] …

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I’ve never been particularly good at making or keeping New Year’s Resolutions, but this year I’m making one that I’m almost positive I’ll be able to keep.   I’m not going to diet anymore.   I’ve been on a diet or thi…

I’m Done with Diets

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