Hey Mama, It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Incline Sleepers


We’ve all seen the news articles. The infamous Rock N Play recall reached just about every one of us. But did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics has been saying that any inclined sleepers over 10 degrees is unsafe for years? Neither did I, until now.

It turns out that the research has been there all along, and even more studies are coming out with similar results. Just three weeks ago, Erin Mannen, a University of Arkansas Infant Biomechanics Specialist, headed a study that concluded that commonly marketed sleepers with a 30 degree incline design are indeed dangerous.

A mere ten years ago, inclined sleepers did not exist. And it turns out that they were in immediate violation of the AAP’s safe-sleep guidelines once they did. Even more troubling– the Rock N Play came into the market without any medical safety testing or pediatrician guidance according to this Washington Post Investigation.

But I can even hear it in my back of my own mind- “my kids were fine!

We can all agree that we want our babies to be as safe as they possibly can be. We all also like sleep and the other possible benefits of the incline sleeper- like help with gassy babies, acid reflux, and colic. 

But even if your baby and my babies are okay after their time spent in their beloved Rock N Plays, it’s probably time for us to listen to the research in front of us. When there have been 59 infant losses due to this issue, there’s clear evidence to part ways.


So What are the Options?


The AAP safe sleep guidelines recommend never using an incline above 10 degrees. 

Depending on what works best for you and your family, you might want to consider a safe bedside sleeper such as the Halo Bassinest

A very similar (without the incline) product to replace the use of your Rock N Play could be the Rock N Play Bassinet, which still folds and transports just as handy as its predecessor, but lacks any incline whatsoever.

Or you can just resort back to the traditional crib which you can guarantee is required to pass safety checks and requirements for infant sleep.

What are the Guidelines?


You can find the AAP safe-sleep guidelines in full through this link here. The basic summary includes putting your baby down to sleep on their back, using a firm sleep surface, breastfeeding, sleeping in the same room as the parents for the first year of life, keeping any soft or loose objects out of the sleeping area, offering a pacifier, avoiding smoke and drug use, and ensuring that the temperature isn’t too warm.

You can also print or save the infographic below for safe sleep recommendations.

There’s a Perk: Trade-In Your Rock N Play!


You can gather more information on how to conduct the recall through this link here. If it was purchased within the past year, you can get a refund. If it was purchased earlier, you can get a product exchange coupon to receive the bassinet!

Another option is to find your Rock N Play product code and bring it in to your local Target to receive store credit! (But please call your local store to confirm)

Again, even though your babies and my babies slept in their Rock N Plays (or other products with an incline over 10 degrees) and they survived, that doesn’t change the facts. It’s time we all listen up and start doing our research to keep them as safe as we possibly can while they’re sleeping.