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With the holidays quickly approaching like an express train to the North Pole, people start asking for the dreaded “wish list”.  I decided to create a wish list that every mom will love.  A wish list that doesn’t involve over-spending or extra clutter.  Before I became a mom, my wish list was filled with frivolous little luxuries like the latest makeup palette by MAC.  While I still appreciate the merits of good makeup, I could think of so many things on my wish list that don’t involve getting a babysitter or dragging my preschooler to the mall to shop. 

Mom's Gift List

{A pre-made meal.}

No, I’m not kidding.  After cooking incessantly and baking tens of dozens of cookies, I pretty much shut down the kitchen for vacation between Christmas and New Year’s.  As a matter of fact, January doesn’t inspire much gourmet cooking either.  A meal delivery of something I didn’t have to cook sounds amazing to me.  No, I don’t care if it’s a Ziploc bag of ingredients that I have to dump into my crockpot!

{Delicious food.}

While we are on the subject of food, I would really love a box of truffles, or homemade cake, cookies, muffins, you know, whatever I don’t have to share with anyone.  That would be divine.  Moms everywhere need a little stash of their own, so why not make this happen for the holidays?  You won’t be disappointed.

{Free babysitting.}

I know you mean well with that spa gift card or free manicure, but then I have to pay someone to watch my kid so I can go.  That’s no fun.  How about you come over for an hour so I can go get a manicure, massage, or even go to the gym.  That would be way more awesome!  I don’t even mind if you come over while my kid is napping.  Seriously.

{Sleep in day.}

Okay, okay I know this is asking a lot.  This is the kind of gift you can only ask for from hubby, but it’s the one moms really want.  After waking up at 5am to open gifts, cooking and baking non-stop, and general holiday craziness, we would love to get to lay in bed for an extra hour or two.  I’m not asking to sleep until noon, just an extra hour of rest would feel so nice.  Hubbies, trust me on this one.  You write out a nice little coupon for a sleep-in morning and your wife will be the happiest woman alive!  You’re welcome.

{Toys that aren’t annoying.}

I know you mean well, single person with no kids, but I could definitely do without the light-up fire engine with no volume control.  Come to think of it, we don’t even need any toys.  As far as the sound effects go, the general rule is that they are much more attractive to moms when they are silent. Books are really awesome, unless you’re okay keeping the toy at your home for when we come to visit.  If that’s the case, please carry on.

What's on YOUR Holiday Wish List this year?!

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