Household Budgeting :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 67


Money, money, money!

In this episode of Just Add Sprinkles, we’re tackling the topic of finances and household budgeting. Is there anything more adult than budgeting for a family?

We have tips from real moms all over the county that will encourage you to save, spend wisely, and set a good financial example for your children. From grocery pickup to cash envelopes, and how to build a budget, this episode is packed with the household budgeting tips you need. We’re featuring content from Kansas City Mom Collective and Duluth Mom you won’t want to miss.

Episode 67 :: Show Notes


Budgeting. Quick poll: did you quiver at the word or rejoice? Perhaps a little of both? Odds are, you likely recognize the importance of budgeting but shudder at the state of your family finances. That is okay. That’s why you’re here. Our family …

Spender Turned Saver: Budgeting Guide for Your Family

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This post is written and sponsored by Commerce Bank.Hoping to raise financially smart kids? Encouraging positive attitudes about money early on can have a lasting impact on their financial habits as they grow older. And continuing to praise good fina…

Simple Ways to Teach your Kids About Money

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