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Last year two girlfriends and I started the annual tradition of getting away for a weekend for a ‘Reflect & Reset Retreat.’ The idea is pretty simple in theory, but hard in practice. With littles begging for our attention, marriages to invest in, growing businesses to run, homes to upkeep and lives to live, it’s oftentimes easier to just stay home and let year after year pass without intentional reflection. However this weekend has become one of the most important things on my calendar.

Join Stephanie and Beth, City Moms Blog Network Sister Site Director and Twin Cities Moms Blog Owner, as they discuss their annual “Reflect and Reset Retreat” and how to intentionally plan for the coming year and set goals.

In this season of long days but short years, it is easy to let the year pass you by in a blink, leaving you questioning what you accomplished. However, you can change that! Through reflection and action planning, you can give each day purpose and end 2018 feeling accomplished and successful!

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Connection is the heart behind City Moms Blog Network, which makes this week EXTRA special to our sisterhood! Starting this Friday, our sisterhood will be meeting face-to-face for our annual Sister Site Conference in Destin, Florida! It is going to be a weekend full of fun, laughter, learning and growth! Be sure to follow along on social media using #SisterSiteConf18!

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