Join Us For The #WomenAreScaryBook Twitter Party On Wednesday, March 18th



Finding mom friends is often times harder than child birth itself! Luckily, on Wednesday, March 18th at 8:30 PM CST, City Moms Blog Network is hosting the #WomenAreScaryBook Twitter Party, sponsored by Zondervan Publishing along with Women Are Scary author, Melanie Dale.

During the hour long Twitter Party we will be giving away 6 signed copies of Women Are Scary and Melanie will be discussing her new book and providing tips on “momlationships” and “mom dating”.

Join in our discussion of the awkward yet rewarding journey of finding the right mom community!

Date: Wednesday, March 18th

Time: 8:30pm CST

Hashtag: #WomenAreScaryBook

Host: @CityMomsBlog

Co-Host: @UnexpectedMel

Brought to you by: @Zondervan

Questions: [email protected]


Prizes will be offered based on those who RSVPed to Twitter party and will be shipped within two weeks of the Twitter party. Winners will DM their mailing address to @CityMomsBlog and City Moms Blog to receive their prize.

  • Six Winners will win a signed copy of Melanie’s new book, Women Are Scary (Estimated total value: $16)

Random drawing winners will be notified within 24 hours of the event on the @CityMomsBlogTwitter page and via DM. Please RSVP and let us know if you’ll be joining us.

RSVP to the Twitter Party HERE and follow #WomenAreScaryBook and @CityMomsBlog on March 18th to join in on the fun!

Two things you MUST do to make the event work for everyone:

  1. To view discussions and comments you must set up a #WomenAreScaryBook search on
  2. To make comments and/or replies you must include #WomenAreScaryBook within your Tweet on Twitter. This is the only way your comment can be seen by the group at the event. You might also consider using TweetChat to focus just on the conversation happening around our party. To make it easy, TweetChat will automatically add the #WomenAreScaryBook hashtag for you.

** Be sure to review our Twitter Party Official Rules before participating!

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