Keeping it Real in the Name of Christmas Spirit

This post is sponsored by the Christmas Tree Promotion Board. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

2020 has brought us more challenges than we ever thought possible, but as we move toward the Christmas season I have this goal in mind – I’m going to keep it real and make it magical. 

Each of us has mourned the loss of some ritual or tradition this year, from birthday parties to Easter egg hunts or Halloween festivities. Passing a year without holiday milestones feels unfair, but this Christmas season I’m taking it back and here’s why – Christmas spirit. One of the most wonderful parts of being a parent is witnessing the magic of Christmas through your children’s eyes. The smallest details can bring the greatest delight, and if there’s something we need to wrap up this wild year, its delight!

The growing anticipation of Christmas is perhaps the most exciting part of the season.

The sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday are powerful reminders of memories past and exciting previews of what’s to come. Hearing your favorite song on the radio or baking up a batch of your best holiday treats can spark that familiar Christmas spirit. But, my personal favorite and most nostalgic reminder of the Christmas season would have to be a real Christmas tree!

No matter how big or tall a tree – it can still be the centerpiece of your Christmas celebrations. Plus, with many of us spending more time at home this year it feels comforting to have the presence of a real tree in the house. Not only are real Christmas trees catalysts for good memories they are also a smart choice for the environment. Christmas trees are specifically grown to be harvested. In fact, for every tree harvested, a new one is planted in its place – a beautiful cycle.

Over the last several months we’ve each rallied around small businesses and local organizations in our communities to show support as the pandemic continued to place additional financial stress on their operations. Purchasing a real Christmas tree is an excellent way to support small businesses, farmers, and their employees. Looking for a great live tree near you? Visit this website, and use their real tree locator!

With 18 different varieties of real trees to choose from, your family can make a special trip to select “the one” that will be the background centerpiece to your memories this Christmas season. I’m personally partial to the ‘choose and cut’ or ‘seasonal lot’ options, but you can find great trees in retail locations too! And the best part about picking out a tree – it’s a Christmas memory in the making! Bundle up, BYOHC (bring your own hot cocoa) and don’t forget to snap some photos! Going on a family outing in 2020 looks very different from 2019, but picking out a real Christmas tree is still something we can enjoy together!

In a time where I don’t feel like I have much control over anything, I realize I can do small things to shift my family into the Christmas spirit. A song here, a batch of cookies there, and a trip to pick out our real Christmas tree are little ways I can bring joy and delight to my family this Christmas season. As moms, we are often the memory-makers of the family, so I encourage you to find small and meaningful ways to enjoy the season with your family. In the name of the Christmas spirit, let’s keep it real.