Kid’s Cell Phone Agreement


In my parenting journey, I’ve discovered that there are things I call parenting rites of passage.

Rite of Passage –

any important act or event that serves to mark a passage from one stage of life to another.

Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed – Parenting Rite of Passage

Potty Training – Parenting Rite of Passage

1st Day of Kindergarten – Parenting Rite of Passage

1st Day of Middle School – Parenting Rite of Passage

I recently experienced another parenting rite of passage that I’ve truly been dreading for years.

My firstborn got a cell phone.

While she’s been asking for one for years, we wanted to wait as long as possible. Getting a cell phone is a big deal for kids (and their parents), but at 13, we believed she was ready to take on this new responsibility.

So the day came and we picked out her device and got to work on building out an agreement with a list of guidelines for how and when to use her phone. 

While I know that when each family gives their children a cell phone is deeply personal and situational, I thought it might also be beneficial to share our agreement in hopes of supporting moms in their own parenting journeys.

See below for our Kid’s Cell Phone Agreement in both PDF and PNG forms.

Cell Phone Agreement Template PDF

Sample Cell Phone Agreement