Kids & Food Allergies :: Just Add Sprinkles – Episode 61


One in 13 kids in America have food allergies. That’s a lot of kids. Chances are, you have one of those kids or know one (or more) of those kids. 

In this episode, Steph and Michelle are talking about kids and food allergies. Food allergies are scary. Sending your child to school or to a birthday party, knowing that allergens could be floating around is scary. We’re moms. Our first job is to protect our kids.

We are covering major food allergies, signs and symptoms of allergic reactions and one mom is sharing her personal story. Raising kids with food allergies can be scary and feel isolating, but you are not alone mamas. We see you and we care about your kids.

Episode 61 :: Show Notes


A City Mom Collective Sister Site Roundup: Kids with Food Allergies: We Care About You

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