Kitchen 101, Holly Clegg {Sponsored Post and Giveaway}


When my husband and I first met, one of the ways he wooed me was with his impressive culinary skills. I was so spoiled by his gourmet meals every night. Unfortunately his job now requires him to travel quite a bit, so I’ve been left to fend for myself and my daughter in the kitchen. I used to hate to cook. I was intimidated by it and didn’t want to spend twice as long making a meal as it took to eat it (I really just prefer the eating part). But as I’ve been forced to step up to the plate, I’ve found I actually quite enjoy cooking! Enter Holly Clegg’s Kitchen 101. This cookbook is chalk full of super easy recipes, even a novice cook like me can handle. The prep time on her recipes is minimal (most under 30 minutes), and chances are you already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen. And the best part is that the recipes are not only healthy, but DELICIOUS!!!


As a Midwest girl, I was raised on hearty, fill-up-your-soul-and-your-belly kind of meals. Now, living in the desert known as Arizona, I tend to crave lighter, super fresh meals. This recipe book has a great mix of both. You absolutely have to try the Butter Pecan Roasted Sweet Potatoes (I substituted maple syrup for the brown sugar), they are to die for! They taste just like pecan pie, but better! In fact, they should probably be in the dessert section. The Glazed Salmon is also fantastic! Just stir up the four ingredients, marinate the salmon for a few hours, then sauté in a skillet. So easy and so yummy!


One last note: I have some pretty strict dietary restrictions, so I was surprised by how many recipes in Kitchen 101 are within my diet, or could easily be altered to fit. This cookbook has symbols to highlight diabetic-friendly recipes and vegetarian recipes, as well as crock-pot and freezer-friendly meals (which any mom will appreciate!) Kitchen 101 now sits at the top of my pile of cookbooks!


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