Meet Our New Sister Site Lafayette Moms Blog


We are so thrilled to announce the addition of Lafayette Moms Blog to our sisterhood! 

Lafayette Moms Blog is an expansion of our New Orleans and Baton Rouge sister sites, aimed to provide valuable resources and encouragement to moms in Lafayette, Louisiana and surrounding parishes referred to as Acadiana.

Owners Ashley Angelico and Elizabeth Schmelling are veteran site owners, committed to being the ultimate parenting resource to moms in Southern Louisiana through stories, encouragement and connection!

Ashley Angelico, Mom of Three

We hope that all of South Louisiana now feels connected and supported through the journey of parenthood. We also intend to encourage families to travel more in between these vibrant communities, supporting the many businesses located in South Louisiana.

Elizabeth Schmelling, Mom of One

South Louisiana is an intimate and tight knit region. We were already serving New Orleans and Baton Rouge, but time and time again women brought up the idea of Lafayette. As we researched the area, we discovered an enthusiastic community that exudes Southern hospitality and was begging for a resource like this. Hundreds of families call Lafayette, LA home and yet no media outlet or website specifically targets and serves that niche.

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Are you a Lafayette mom? Do you know moms in Lafayette? Follow, share and connect to stay up-to-date on the latest resources, events and information from Lafayette Moms Blog! 


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