Leave the Insecurities Behind & Get In the Pool

get in the pool

Do you feel like the walk from your lounge chair to the pool is FOREVERRRRR?? It’s time to leave the insecurities behind and get in the pool.

This is for the moms who aren’t entirely comfortable walking in front of people in a swimsuit. 

It’s for the moms who may be confident in many other aspects of their life . . . but removing the cover-up is HARD. 

And it’s for the moms who’ve sat on the edge of the pool more than once to avoid being seen in a swimsuit.

If you feel this way, you’re not alone.

First, please know that many of us have been there (or, are still there). It’s not unusual. Don’t feel like you’re the only one. It’s totally normal. 

Second, I don’t have any magical words to make you love your body instantly. That’s going to take inner work. That’s going to take diving deep and working through some things. 

I’ve found it really helps if we focus on what we want to give our children, our sons and daughters.    

Above all, my goal is to share some thoughts that help you confidently get in the pool and make beautiful memories this summer. 

Let’s start with our body. 

The truth is our body may never live up to the standards we’ve created in our head. 

Maybe that standard is from things we heard growing up or images we saw on TV and in magazines (likely a combination of both and more). I vote we change the standard and learn to love our body and all it’s accomplished.

Change the inner dialogue.

Let’s change the inner dialogue to more appreciation and less criticism. 

Also, and this must be said, few people actually care what your body looks like. Few people are noticing all the “flaws” we see in ourselves.  So, the moment your inner voice starts criticizing your body – shut it down. 

Change the thoughts.  

What do you appreciate about your body today? Make it a habit to stop negative thoughts and replace them with appreciation.  

That became really easy (and essential) for me when I started thinking about my children. 

What message was I sending my son and daughter with my insecurity? Was my daughter thinking she should be ashamed if her body wasn’t perfect? Was my son only going to value women with perfect bodies? 

These are not the things I want my children to internalize.  And y’all, our kids pick up on everything. 

You may not be saying it in words but they’re getting it through our actions.   

Friend, summer is here. 

Find a swimsuit that makes you feel amazing (PS, Sam’s Club has the cutest swim dress this year!). 

Get in the pool and in the pictures.

We only get summer 2024 once, let’s leave the insecurities behind, get in the pool, and ENJOY ourselves!!