Maternity Style Made Easy: Dress Your Bump


I’m sharing my maternity style secrets with you! I’ve been pregnant twice and the first time it seemed like I didn’t have to buy maternity clothes until the third trimester. But that second pregnancy, I feel like I popped at week 9! Anyone feel the same way? I had to go shop for clothes and I knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I wanted to look cute since I was going to be wearing these pieces a lot longer. I work with clients all the time and build wardrobes based on a basic set of clothes, so I decided to do this for myself and my maternity wardrobe.


I wore jeans and tee shirts a lot and by a lot I mean almost everyday. They were my uniform much like they are when I am not pregnant. I love being able to dress them up or down. A tee shirt was my go-to; I bought almost every color they had that looked good on me. I lived in two pairs of jeans and I took jean buying seriously when I was pregnant. Since I was going to be wearing them so much I wanted to have a couple pairs that were very comfortable and reasonably priced. I love designer jeans but I had a hard time spending a lot of money on them. I discovered the Luxe brand at A Pea in the Pod and fell for them! The material was so soft, and the day I went they had buy one get one 50% off. I even wore them a little bit after baby too!


To keep maternity style made easy, layers are a must! I layered almost every outfit! It was so easy to throw on a cute blazer or kimono over my tee shirts. It was also easy for me to go from fall to spring by wearing my jeans and tee shirts and changing the outer layer. I already had most of these kimono’s and the best place that I’ve found to shop for them is Nordstrom Rack! If you’re not into florals, don’t worry.  Kimonos are made in so many different prints. You can also layer with cardigans, & a jean or moto jacket.


Dresses are an easy outfit! There isn’t much more that needs to go into it and I loved that. If you don’t want to invest in maternity dresses, you can play it safe by buying empire waist maxi or high low dresses. You may want to size up to have more room for your bump. These are also really good for your post-baby body; they won’t feel constricting, and although some may not be ideal for nursing, they can work for a quick trip to the store.


Comfortable shoes are essential! If it’s your first pregnancy you will quickly learn how important they are. And if it’s your second or third, you know you have other littles to run after. I lived in my converse. I had them in white & black. I wore them so much there are now holes in the black pair! When I dressed up, I wore wedges to keep my feet as comfortable as possible.


Jeans, tees, layers, dresses, and comfy shoes make for a stylish maternity wardrobe! If you have any questions about how to build your maternity wardrobe, shoot me an email at [email protected]

What's your go-to maternity style? How do you dress the bump?

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