Meet Our New Sister Site Miami Moms Blog


We are so thrilled to announce the addition of Miami Moms Blog to our sisterhood! 

Miami Moms Blog will provide valuable resources and encouragement to moms in the Miami Metro Area, including Miami Dade & Southern Broward County.

Owner, Cierra Bragan is committed to being the ultimate parenting resource to moms in Miami through stories, encouragement and connection!

Cierra Bragan, Mom of a Daughter and Expecting #2

The journey of motherhood can sometimes be challenging and lonely. As a Mom, I often need encouragement, support and a resources. I knew there were other moms in Miami that needed this too. Therefore, I decided to start Miami Moms Blog in order to provide a place where local moms can connect and find the encouragement and resources that they need to succeed. If we serve even one mom by creating a place for her to find the community and support she needs, that has made all the hard work invested in the creation of Miami Moms Blog absolutely “worth it.”
Motherhood at it’s very core is about building a community. We do this everyday within our own families. However, I feel strongly that a supportive community in addition to our family is also necessary in order to thrive in motherhood. As mothers we often say, “It takes a village” so I say, “Let’s build a strong one!”

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