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In our second issue of Mom Must-Haves, we are sharing with you our favorite healthy lifestyle brands, hand-selected by moms, for moms! (If you missed our first issue, check out our favorite household brands here!)

Living a healthy lifestyle, much like motherhood, looks different for everyone. Maybe you are an avid runner, maybe you make a killer protein packed smoothie for everyone in your family every day, or maybe it’s a real struggle to even get started on a healthy path. No matter where you are on the journey, a healthy lifestyle gets started with one small step. We hope with this Healthy Living issue of Mom Must-Haves, you find a brand you fall in love with just as much as we have that will help you along the way to a more healthful life!

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As moms, we are ALWAYS on the quest to find vitamins that our kids are actually willing to take! So, if we were to tell you that there was a fish oil supplement on the market that moms (and kids) are raving about, would you believe us? Well, you should!

Let us introduce you to Triple Power Omega 3 Fish Oil from AlgaeCal. The all-natural organic mango smoothie flavor is guaranteed to be the best tasting fish oil on the planet! Add in the numerous benefits of making fish oil part of your entire family’s daily routine and this is “winning” in our book!

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This whole mom-gig is just plain exhausting! What if in 1 hour you could increase your energy level, connect with other moms AND burn calories? Sounds too good to be true right? With Orangetheory Fitness, you can maintain (or start) a fitness routine that is designed for maximum results in a variety of group personal training classes. Find an Orangetheory near you, grab a friend (or two), and get moving mama!

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You must be thinking, “Ice Cream + Healthy Living = Oxymoron.” But, Halo Top ice cream isn’t just ANY ice cream. It is truly healthy ice cream. And YES, it is creamy and delicious and tastes as good as the fully-loaded stuff. Halo Top is a low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar ice cream that uses only the best, all-natural ingredients. Don’t believe us? Grab a pint and try not to eat the whole thing! Oh and if you do eat the whole thing, no need to feel guilty. It’s healthy remember!?

Baebe - Favorite Healthy Living Brands For Moms - City Moms Blog Network


It’s never too early to start your littles on the path to a healthy lifestyle! The Baeba Babycook makes introducing new foods to your baby a breeze. Making your own baby food is as simple as a few fresh fruits and vegetables, some water and the click of a button! You can steam, cook and blend with ONE machine making for easy clean-up and less mess. Well, at least until your baby gets their hands on the yummy stuff!

Bondi Band - Favorite Healthy Living Brands For Moms - City Moms Blog Network


For any runners, walkers, or anyone really, you must grab a Bondi Band Visor pronto. The elastic band fits literally any head size, blocks the sun and keeps the sweat out of your face! We’ve put it to the test and have yet to find a headband/visor combo that works so well! This fitness “accessory” not only stays in place, but it completes any athleisure-look (a.k.a. the mom uniform) perfectly!

Justin's - Favorite Healthy Living Brands For Moms - City Moms Blog Network


As moms, eating any type of meal that requires use of a fork or spoon is pretty challenging. And no, using your toddler’s fork to finish their mac-n-cheese doesn’t count! This is why we LOVE these nut butter snack packs and squeeze packs from Justins! The fit perfectly into a diaper bag or even a small purse and provide you the on-the-go fuel you need to power through your day. The best part, these nut butters are made with natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavors your kids (and you) will love!

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