Mom Must-Haves :: April 2018 Expecting and New Mom


Whether it’s your first time or your fifth, expecting a baby is always such an exciting time!  However, as exciting as it can be, it can also be completely overwhelming.  SO many products to choose from, so many people telling you what to buy or not buy for your little one.  Well, we are here to help!  We’ve gathered some of our absolute must-haves for the new and expectant moms, and we’re sharing them with you today!  Congratulations, and we hope you love these products as much as we do!


Diaper bags have come a LONG way, friends.  They are so cute and stylish now!  And not only that, they are even MORE practical and functional, too. Win, win!  One of our absolute faves is the HaloVa Diaper Bag Backpack . Not only is it super fashionable, but it’s waterproof (a MUST) and it’s a backpack style bag, which makes it SO much easier for you to carry the baby and all of the other essentials that you need while on-the-go. 


What does every baby need? A snuggly doll!  There’s nothing cuter than a little one snuggling with their favorite doll or stuffed animal, and in our opinion, the Bla Bla Kids dolls are the absolute cutest. They are incredibly soft, hand-knit with 100% cotton, and eco-friendly.  Snag the girl version or boy version on Amazon today, or better yet, add it to your registry for friends and family to snag for you!  Happy snuggling!


If you’ve seen this product, you’ve no doubt gotten a little bit sick to your stomach at the thought of using it.  That’s ok, we did too.  HOWEVER, did you know that the NoseFrida is a DOCTOR-invented nose aspirator?  Yes, doctors invented it, and it really does work!! It’s specially formulated for smaller noses, and it contains no alcohol, medicine, or other additives.  There is nothing worse than a stuffed-up baby, and the NoseFrida can seriously prevent it! Grab one today, and thank us later!


One of the first things we worry about as moms is SLEEP.  Are they sleeping enough, are they sleeping too much, and most importantly, are they sleeping SAFELY?  There are lots and lots of swaddling products out there, but one of our personal faves is the Love to Dream Swaddle. We love this one because, unlike many other products, the Love to Dream allows the baby’s arms to remain free.  When babies are placed on their back to sleep (as doctors recommend), they often raise their arms & hands up by their faces to self-soothe.  This swaddle allows them to do so easily, while still remaining swaddled to sleep safely all night. Put this one in your cart today, mamas!


Aside from your newborn, their is perhaps no relationship more important to a new mom than that with their breast pump.  It truly can change those first days and weeks of motherhood, for the better of for the worse.  Personally, we absolutely love the NatureBond Manual Breast Pump. It’s soft, comfortable, and SAFE. It’s lightweight and portable (fits in your purse!).  It’s hands-free (two of the best words in a new mom’s vocabulary!). And last, but most certainly not least, it’s AFFORDABLE.  Seriously friends, you need this in your life.


Designed for babies 3-6 months, the Doodle & Co Pacifier is one solid silicone piece, making it super easy to clean. And  speaking of clean, you’ll be cleaning it a lot LESS than other pacifiers, because this one has its own protective bubble! So when the baby inevitably drops it, the nipple will not touch the ground! GENIUS.


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